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USA Today Sports - 2016-17 NHL Projections


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Just now, ThrustyPrusty89 said:

How are we projected to earn 10 points fewer than last year with a (*knocks on wood*) healthier team, a proven goal scorer in Eriksson, and stronger D-corps? I don't know that we'll win the Cup but we aren't slouches either. Sheesh. 


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And the trend of predicting AHLbertan style failure for the canucks continues..


Im not expecting much this season, but a few things bother me about these rankings


1) The lames getting 99 points.  Their bottom 2 lines are not very good, and that run and gun defence they spent the bank building is pourous like swiss cheese.  I doubt an above average goalie takes them from bottom of the barrel to top of the barrel, especially if lil hockey gnome holds out for 8 million dollars to pay for limb lengthening surgery.


2) Coilers, in essence, swap Hall for Lucic, add Larsson and a rookie Pool Party, and jump 12 points?  Yeah, sure.


2) Canucks finish with around 10 less points than last year despite improving the D and getting key players back healthy.  Not likely.



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7 minutes ago, Rollieo Del Fuego said:

That's all the ref's have allotted us this year...

...we need to take a ref. out to dinner or something...get at least one of them to be at least neutral....

Good idea. Take them out for a nice dinner and then fit them with some nice shoes, preferably cement.

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