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Clowns getting a bad name...as if they need it


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Report today that 4 clowns have been arrested in Ft. McMurray for threatening to kidnap  people on line...the schools went on lockdown and 4 have been arrested as the RCMP tracked their IP address..seems to be the latest craze....



audio statement from the RCMP....






Clowns — real clowns — are not amused about the growing number of reports in a number of states of people dressed like clowns and acting suspiciously, sometimes trying to lure children into woods.

Authorities in Greenville, S.C., were among the first to report the case of lurking, creepy clowns. Late last month, some children reported clowns trying to lure them into the woods with money. Sheriff’s deputies found no evidence, however, not even a prankster in a clown suit.

But for whatever reason, since then, people in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina and now, Pennsylvania, have reported scary or suspicious encounters with people dressed like clowns.


“When people report these things it should be ’someone dressed like a clown,’ because a real clown would never dress or do anything to scare anyone,” said Tricia Manuel, 55, who runs Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp in Buffalo, Minn. The camp, named for her alter ego, Pricilla Mooseburger, trains about 100 clowns each year.

She said she has been following the reports closely because they are hurting business.

“In South Carolina, two of the clowns were afraid to go out and perform, and they’re two of my customers,” said Manuel, whose two children are also clowns. “If they don’t perform, they don’t need supplies.”


Some of the reported sightings have been hoaxes, like the four young children who told police they made up stories about spotting clowns in unusual places in and around Annapolis, Md., or the 24-year-old man whom police in Winston-Salem, N.C, charged with falsely reporting that a clown knocked on his window.

Other related cases weren’t so harmless and have resulted in criminal charges.

The sheriff in Escambia County, Ala, last week arrested a 22-year-old woman and two juveniles after Flomaton High School was locked down and searched when students were threatened on “Flomo Klown” and “Shoota Cllown” social media accounts. And in Athens, Ga., an 11-year-old girl was arrested for taking a knife to school on Friday because she was frightened by social media reports and other rumours that clowns were preparing to attack children.

Manuel said the public’s perception of clowns has been going downhill since Stephen King’s 1986 novel about a child-killing clown, It, became a TV miniseries four years later. But the latest incidents take the cake.

“We are used to ’Killer Klowns from Outer Space’ and Krusty the Clown, but this has taken it to another level,” Manuel said. “It’s another thing to have people act out these sick fantasies. This is like, ’Are you kidding me?”’

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7 minutes ago, thejazz97 said:

On the bright side, you'll only need one car to take them all downtown.

To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.

Jack Handy





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I dunno.  This whole "craze" was amusing the first time I heard of it last year.  Creepy clown seen holding balloons waving at people at night.


Now it is clowns luring kids, carrying visible weapons and threatening people.


Not sure with the equipment I drive around with a clown would really want topop up around me, and for those arrested in Ft Mac, they're damned lucky a bunch of drunk riggers didn't find em first.


It's going to end very very badly eventually for one of these idiots.  And I get the feeling that Halloween is going to be a troublesome time for anyone in a clown suit

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