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I find it funny that when I first began posting on the Canucks forum I would love checking out the Proposals and even made a few of my own. Nowadays I absolutely hate it. I can't stand the stuff that gets slapped onto that board and it doesn't interest me at all to find out what anyone thinks about the garbage proposals.


I now find myself on player discussions and canucks talk more frequently than any other, in fact as soon as I hit "f" on my html bar it recommends the Canucks Talk page haha! 


Anyway, I just felt like sharing how I have changed my habits in using these message boards. This is technically my first active summer on here so that is likely a large reason why I hate the proposals so much now. People really reach when there is nothing else happening.

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I loved proposals at first. Until I realized for the most part they were spewed from ea sport fan boys.  Now I enjoy talking hockey with "regulars". I live in windsor so I don't have manyour Canuck fans I can discuss with. 


I also come here for breaking news. Vintage Canuck is CDCs top user in my book.

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There is a reasonable explanation for why proposals have changed so much. Frankly, it's because our team sucks. I initially thought that when I joined these boards, I'd be talking with a bunch of intelligent Canucks fans who enjoyed talking hockey and had a lot to say. Instead, it turns out that many of the people (not all obviously) are just here to fuel their homerism. This doesn't make them stupid people, they just aren't objective.


Since, apparently, we are going to win the cup before the Sedins retire, we supposedly have to acquire win now talent. Now deep down inside they know this team isn't good enough, so they target very good to elite players like Landeskog, and try to give up Sbisa + Virtanen + 2017 1st. We don't give up anything that will help us win in the short term, and acquire a superstar... It's also not coincidence that Landeskog is young, because again deep down inside they know that even if we got one for free we're still not good enough and we shouldn't be targeting 28-30 year old superstars. 


The garbage proposals are a byproduct of our team being bad, and people being unwilling to admit that "Hey, we should suck for 3-4 years... Since we are going to suck anyways, and might as well make the most of it." When your team is better, and has more assets to move, you have more ways you can address your needs, and make adjustments to your roster. Thus, there is a lot of potential for a variety of strong trade proposals. Currently, we have about 3-4 tradeable assets... The Sedins, Horvat, Edler, Tanev. We have other players we could trade but they are still building value, and then we have newly acquired players like Sutter, Eriksson and Gudbranson.


Sedin trade proposal threads will have a bunch of people saying "we're not trading them"

Horvat trade proposal threads will have a bunch of people overvaluing him or just not wanting to trade him because he is young and talented (exactly what our team needs).

Edler trade proposal threads will constantly have people calling him a plug, while the trade proposal to Detroit overvalues him.

Tanev trade proposal threads will either massively overvalue him, or because they aren't overvaluing him will have people crying about how the return sucks.


Just try to think of a reasonable trade that makes sense given our assets. I mean most of them are mediocre player X for some picks.... Those are just boring trades in general, because you can't really talk about the return, since it's not anything yet. 

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