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Fantasy Hockey - Young Goalies to Target on Waiver Wire


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Hey Everyone,

I'm sitting after the re-draft in my keeper league and looking at my roster desperately in need of a 3rd goalie.... while doing so I became seriously intrigued by all of the young 2nd and 3rd string goalies out there that seem to have a lot of potential in the near future.

So, here I ask, who do you think gets the most starts in 2016-2017?

Markstrom (Van)
Vasilevskiy (TBL)
Hutchinson (WPG)
Dominigue (ARZ)
Korspisalo (CBJ)


All of them have shown promise, and while I expect a large amount of homerism towards markstrom, he is also the elder statesman of the group.


Personally, I believe that Vasilevsky and Dominigue have the largest long term potential with Smith being inconsistent and Bishop being likely on the trade block. Hutchinson seems like the future backup in Winnipeg to Helleybuck... but will likely alternate starts with Pavelic this year depending who is the hot hand.

Korpisalo is a wild card, the Jackets are AWFUL and Bob has that job on lockdown,.. if he can keep his groin/ankle/head in one piece and actually play a full season. 

Look forward to some feedback!

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I'd take Vasilevsky, not only do I think he will get lots of starts, he will put up good numbers and he is playing for a good cup contending team which should be a selling point for a fantasy hockey goalie. 

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Yeah, I would probably go with Vasilevskiy too. He's on the strongest team, could potentially become a #1 and if your league counts goalie stats rather than just wins/losses, he'll probably have the best numbers. 


Because of injury history over the last couple of seasons, Markstrom, Dominigue and Korspisalo will probably get a good share of starts. Being on much weaker teams than the Lightning though, I don't expect their numbers to be nearly as good. 

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