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16 minutes ago, Dynamic Innovator said:

Can't wait for Fox Sports season predictions!!!  61 points!!!  Yeeeahhhhhhhh


MSN!!!  59 points!!


CNN Sports!!!  57 points!!


Have I missed anyone?



Toronto Star. They've got us where ever the Leafs are -2 pts. 

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Holy Crap, the guys in the next draft class are born in '98.  Im wearing gonch I bought in 98!


Anyhow, is it too early to get excited about this?

Nolan Patrick


Edit: Ah, forget it, no way Canucks beat out the new NHL golden boys in the draft lottery:



"The Las Vegas franchise will be given the same odds in the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery as the team finishing with the third-fewest points during the 2016-17 regular season. "

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We will make the playoffs...

Rodin has got Tartar talent and Tartar was named the 4th best left winger in the league by Sportsnet.ca ...Rodin alone will get us 10 more wins.

Horvat will get 60 points plus.

Larsen will produce well or Stecher will be called up, one of these two will get us 5 more wins this year.

Tryamkin will be good to great.

Gaunce looks like a top 9 guy.

Guddy is solid and needed.

Hutton got faster and stronger.

Markstrom will be better.

Baerstchi  and Granlund could be the player to push us to the top end of my prediction:


All of that adds up to 16-20 more wins then they are giving us or 32-40 more points....hey that would put us at 95-103 points and playoff bound.


Book it....

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Even with my homer glasses off, I can't see how we're bad enough to solidify last place by such a large margin. Don't get me wrong, I think we're going to suck, but considering we're (for now) much healthier than last season, we have a (on paper) significantly better d-core, our young guys have one more year of experience, and we added a 30 goal scorer.


What all these people not seeing that we are? I don't get it.


We're going to have to fall off the rails at a monumental level to meet such low expectations.

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Haha these simulations are hilarious. All these comments saying "if we lose a top 3 player we're done" that can be said about most teams in the NHL. If Dallas lost Benn or Seguin they lost a lot of goal scoring. The only teams that can get away with it are Stanley cup contenders like the sharks, kings, Blackhawks, Penguins.

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