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[Waivers] Zalewski, Pedan, Megna, Chaput

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21 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:

I'm happy,

Wasn't Pedan hardest shot and fastest skater at last years skills comp?

Also hes a young tough heavy weight fighter. 

I think those are attributes to work with...

Fastest skater but did Virtanen compete?

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2 hours ago, chickenman92 said:


I agree, a player like that is tough to find...too bad Pedan isn't that guy. My opinion of Pedan is he is nothing more than an AHLer. My opinion of Zalewski is he can be a tough, fourth-line centre in a year or so.

So would I take a fourth-line, tough as nails NHLer over a AHL D...yes I would. 

Fair enough your entitled to that I disagree.

He's is in fact 6'5 he fights for himself and his teammates he's done it this preseason, he won the fastest skater at the canucks skill comp last season (take it for what it is) he can skate. Benning thought enough to give up mallet and a 3rd, So I don't see many teams waiving guys like that esecially at the d position.

This preseason around the league has show it would be pretty easy to fill an entire 4th line with vets ruutu skille Shepard ptos. So for me if z got claimed I  wouldn't have been that upset. This club is just starting to get some depth at d. The depth at bottom six isn't a concern.

At the end of the day I'm happy Niether got claimed it would have sucked to lose 1 or both. 

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