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Messier's advice to McDavid on what makes a great captain


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"Float around like a lazy ****, try to steal an unofficially retired number, get your coach fired, and, and sue when your team releases you for being an embarrassment to the jersey.  Don't worry about the chips, Lays will give you a lifetime supply if you act like you belong on the couch".


I sure hope McDavid takes leadership advice from the worst captain in the history of professional sports.  Would love to see the Oilers destroyed from the inside by this scumbag's advice.

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7 hours ago, DeNiro said:

Connor never answered the phone because he blocked that creepy old guys number months ago.


Yeah I heard that after all those phone calls that Mess made to Connor for that Rogers commercial, Connor got annoyed and decided to put Messier on his blocked number list.


I'm sure there is one message Connor would like to send Messier: "Are you following me?"


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