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Preseason: the Good, the Bad (but nothing Ugly)


The Good and the Bad from Preseason  

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I have a question. Do the Dman have a green light to go make Offensive rushes this season.


Early this preseason we saw Stecher, and Hutton blastoff and we as fans went crazy. Nothing but praise. Was that just youth energy and frecklesness of 2 young Dman lending the rush which paid off ,or did Willie give them the go ahead. 

In contrast did Larsen a vet play too conservative, to plz coaches.


what happens when the real season starts....how long is our D leashes going to be.


Go Canucks Goo

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2 hours ago, Honky Cat said:

Judging from what the coaches had to say during pre season,conditioning was not an issue ..Tryamkin is a great skater,and has good mobility for his size....His issue is 'processing' the NHL game,and utilizing his size.

I'm not so sure... If Tryamkin actually trained like a dog, he wouldn't be getting the 8th Dman/not even playing treatment. 

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The good is that the players performed pretty much as to their expectations


The bad is that nobody exceeded expectations. I believe strecher is a defensive liability. Many times he was out of position that led to good scoring chances for the opposition.

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Horvat and Baertschi continuing where they had left off last season is one of the many bright spots I noticed this preseason. Another one is that guys like Gaunce, Labate, Stecher that haven't taken part in previous years preseason except Gaunce really impressed me. They always played with their heart and soul on the ice knowing that this could be their opportunity to snatch a spot. I also really adored Rodin. Ever since I played NHL in my ps3, he has been always a favorite of mind. He really impressed me with his play this preseason. Unfortunate that he had a setback on that knee. 


The bad has obviously been the play of Larsen. We expected big things from him coming off a 25 point season in the KHL. He was nearly invisible most of time. If not he was a liability defensively. I'm hoping he starts the season on the right track or else we could be doom to summon Stecher early out of Utica.


Can't wait till the start of season in the weekend! Long summer of waiting to see how our team performs finally comes to an end. Go Canucks Go!

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Here's some of my thoughts on these players.

Gaunce and Granlund very ready to contribute and glad to see I've been on their side since acquired always felt like both would be undervalued by fans because besides some solid skill they bring all the intangibles that a lot of people usually seem not to notice.


Etem and Burrows shouldn't be on this team and I don't expect Etem to be but Burrows will likely be given a spot at least for now and if he struggles it will be press box time or even Utica at some point I'm thinking.


Too much is being made of Edler's point totals people are going to be disappointed although I could see him getting a few more than last season. Most of his points have all been coming off of other players fine plays and not many on his own doing. Still worried about him defensively it's always my biggest concern by far out of or top guys he's the worst it needs to improve. I'd gladly take the points he got last season if he finally played solid in his own zone and didn't make anywhere near as many mistakes as he usually does.


As far as Tryamkin goes I find it a bit funny how a few media mention him in a negative light and how everyone seems to run with it. I feels he's getting knocked much more than he deserves. This kid is a big strong imposing player with great reach and very solid skating abilities that will be much needed against all the physical opponents they'll be facing. It's going to be a dogfight every game and I'd feel much better with this big beast in the lineup and pretty sure his teammates will to considering although maybe a bit stronger this season they're still pretty soft as a whole compared to most opponents.


Something that surprised me a bit is how great Eriksson is at the defensive game. This guy looks to be a very good penalty killer and hard to create opportunities against 5-5 with his added 30 ish goals and great defensive game the line will overall outscore the opposition lines which should bode well on the Canucks winning more games. I'm thinking Eriksson, Gaunce and Gudbranson should make the already very good penalty kill the best in the league.


All in all for me I'm really looking forward to this season I really feel like this team is a bit of a whipping boy by the media right now and very underrated. I actually definitely see the Canucks making the playoffs if they stay relatively healthy and shocking a lot of people this season. This team is far better than given credit for and really looking forward to them shutting all the negative people and haters up its going to be great!!

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There was a lot of good this pre-season ... Eriksson, Stecher, LaBate, Baer, Sutter, Hutton, Guddy, Granlund, Gaunce, Skille, even Rodin (hoping he can get healthy). 


My one concern right now is that the final pre-season game may be an accurate reflection of what we'll see ... heavily outshot again this season and down in the third. At least we came back and got secondary scoring. Obviously our D depth is better this season, and it's noticeable. Also Eriksson's defensive play really helps. Gaunce is way better defensively. 


But getting outshot like that the other night looks very, very familiar. Not putting much stock in it since it's pre-season, but the game the other night was a thing that made me go hmmmm.



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