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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Flames Saturday Oct. 15th 2016


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Greetings hockey fans and especially Canuck Fans!
Hope you all had a nice long summer and ready for some hockey!  Bring on the season!


Time to test your prognosticating skills in a Predict The Score contest that will go from the first game of the regular season for all the games played by the Canucks and run until the last day of the regular season (hope not) and if the Canucks make the playoffs, when they get eliminated (if they do;)).  It will mainly be for bragging rights for now and if there is lots of participation, we can possibly include a prize!  Let's see how this goes and if there is interest we can have this contest next year and many more years to come!




-One Prediction per user that can be edited as many times as you want prior to puck drop.  Any multiple guesses or any guesses after the game has started, won't count.

-The Prediction must be specific or it won't count. (i.e. "3-2 Canucks" will count but "3-2" will not)

-To keep track, only predictions posted in this thread (and similar subsequent threads) will count.

-All correct predictions score 1 point.  If the game goes to OT or Shootout the prediction will be judged as if they won in regulation.

-There may be a question asked about the game for an additional 1 point if answered correctly.  (not for every game but suggestions for questions welcome!)

-The answer to the question and the prediction must be posted in the same response or it won't count.  (i.e. the user cannot post a prediction and then later post a separate response to answer the question)

-If you get the prediction and the question right, you get 1 bonus point for a maximum of 3 points!

-There will be a Leader board that will keep track of the scoring.


Here we go!


Game 1:  Canucks vs Flames, Saturday October 15th, Rogers Arena @ 7PM (Pacific Time)

Question:  Which Canuck will be credited with scoring the first Canuck goal of the 2016-2017 season?  (excluding Shootout).  (Note if the Canucks get shutout, you must answer with something along the lines of "nobody" or "no-one" etc.)  If it is one of the Twins you must specify whether it is Daniel or Henrik.


4-1 Canucks

Loui Ericksson



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