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Favourite Netflix Comedy Series


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20 hours ago, Vanisleryan said:

Dont know if this is on Netflix....but I cant get enough Shameless....its is one of the funniest and craziest shows Ive seen.  Im still on season 2.

My Bride and i are currently hooked on this series. Season 4 is a doozy. 


Lip and Kevin make the show for me. 

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Are we talking just shows on Netflix, or actual Netflix produced shows like the title says?  

Trailer Park Boys is a Netflix series now.   

They just put out TPB: Out of the park:Europe.  

It was actually really funny.  8 episodes. 

If you are a fan of TPB, it's a good show. 

The last 2 seasons were pretty good too. 


Just a show on Netflix I'd suggest would be 'Its always sunny in Philadelphia'

Wow what a crazy show!

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