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Gretzky Returning to Oilers !!


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... I do not think Chirreli and Gretzky think alike. This must be a move that Katz wants, he always did like "hanging with the boys" from the rumours I heard.

Just when the oil looks like it's going to flow again,. they bring in an old guy talkin about the old ways they used to do things.

It would be better and cheaper to erect another Gretzky statue, than bring him in for any management role.

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Major trades, a new arena, the Great One coming back into the fold ... can only imagine if they once again finish bottom 5. 


I hate the Oil but I do have to admit they're probably going to be the most interesting storyline this season, on a team by team basis.


Please fail in spectacular fashion!!

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Eegaads! Tell Wayne the 80's are done. Bad music, with Boy George in the background, floating around like a mindless-moth. He probably thinks he's Gordon Gecko now..especially back in the small pond(cesspool).


After 1 or 2 trips to that urban sprawl-mall, his wife will prob go bonkers, then stateside.


Whole province is a fossil fuel-dependent anachronism, glued to past glory.

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