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Bo horvat to centre the 4th line.


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1040 and Ferraro were going off about this today. 


Seems that willy d has confirmed bo will start the year playing on the 4th line with burrows and dorsett. Yep. U read that right. The best way to get bo off to a better start this year is apperently a 4th line role. 


When willy was asked about this he said he see s bo playing against top line guys like kopitar and thinks this line may be a good fit with the schedule. 


Ferraro for the first time in his life was speachless suggesting he couldnt think of two other players he would fit worse with. 


I do want to add the flip side. Horvat will get a chance to develope his defensive game and may not even stay with that line. I think most were more suprised at the timing of it and how it might hamper his start, and could remove the best scorring centre we have outside of  sedin from the best environment for him to score. There is also the outside possibility the line clicks as well


Willy did say horvat will likely get 16-18 minutes a night and play special teams. Still a very confusing move for sure 


What are your thoughts ?

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3 minutes ago, Larry5 said:

These are practice lines, not opening night lines!!! 

Not according to benning and willy. 1040 talked about it all day. They even interviewed horvat about it. He confirmed they are at the very least , his linemates for the opener 

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like everyone else, i've been perturbed about this development for the last few days.


that said, the more i've thought about it, the more sense it makes. 


this is a case of the team treading very lightly and doing what's best for the player and the team while avoiding public criticism of the future face of the franchise.


everyone knows that bo made a name for himself on the basis of his strong two-way play. last year, frankly, his defensive game was atrocious. he was one of the league worst minus players and was the teams worst penalty killer. yes, he took a step forward offensively, but whether correlation or causation, his defensive game suffered. 


putting bo back on the fourth line with defensive players is a way of resetting his focus and making him concentrate on his play away from the puck. the team wants bo to be an offensive player, and they now know he has that ability, but it can't be at the expense of his other responsibilities. 


bo needs to come along more slowly, like kesler, until he learns how to produce offensively while not neglecting his defensive responsibilities. 


all of the teams comments on the subject are moot. this isn't about fit or other players being more deserving or testing line combos. it's about making bo the best he can be while not inviting criticism to his game. 

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1 minute ago, Blueberries said:

So what they can show Sutter is worth the money? You have Sutter to play defence, Bo would benefit from a offense-minded second line position.

a 50 point offense-only center doesn't have a place in the league. bo has better offensive potential than many thought, maybe even 60-70 points, but he can grow into that production gradually while focusing on defense as the foundation of his game. we want a toews, right?

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