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[MAFIA] - YEAR OF THE CLOWN (Mafia Wins!!)


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As the lights of the bus swept across the old motel, Carol whispered to no one in particular,"It's creepy looking."
The bus driver turned to the passengers and said, "Ok folks, we'll have to hole up here until the road is cleared. Grab your belongings and follow me."
They followed the bus driver into the motel's lobby, lit only by some candles and a couple of lanterns.
Great!, no power, internet or cell service and I'm stuck here with no way to get my story into the paper thought
Mz. Heppel, a print journalist who had been following the 'Clownpocalypse' story for months now.
With this delay, stranded here in the middle of nowhere, she felt she would lose her shot at the big story.
She looked around at her fellow passengers. All losers she thought.
There was Dr. David Eccelstein a Professor of Psychology, who with four graduate

students were studying the Clown phenomenon and its impact on various towns.
Strange mix these students and they seemed even more introverted now that they were

without their cell phones. Was that even possible?
Carol Lindor, Ralph Georges, Ethel Grainger, and Mark Howard. Nerds!, all of them.
Still, she might be able to gain some valuable insight or background for her story.

She chuckled to herself thinking about clown psychology.

Perhaps all wasn't lost and Liz Collier was a photographer after all. Maybe there was a story here.
The bus driver Bill Johnston was busy helping the passengers get settled and Mz. Heppel

brooded about the other passengers.

What is Mr. Edwards about? He looks like a banker or a teacher, and why does he never let go of that small suitcase.

He won't even put it down. What does he have in there?
Ken Barnes, I wonder what his story is? He has kept to himself and has only spoken to the Navy Corpsman Saunders.
Well, depending on how long we are stuck here, maybe I can dig up a story.
Mz. Heppel wondered if any others might show up before the night ends.


"Excuse me, hello", came the barely perceptible voice of Miss Louise the Motel's owner. Her family had built this motel in the days long before the Interstate was built, when it was bright and busy with tourists and families. She was overjoyed to have these people stay here, even temporarily. It brought back fond memories of her youth and all the good times she had experienced. "Excuse me please", she said again, a frail gasp amid the collective murmurs of the others.
"Ladies and Gents, boomed the voice of the bus driver, may we have your attention please. Our hostess Miss Louise would like to speak to you."
"Thank you Mr. Johnston" she said, her voice stronger now with the attention of the others upon her. She was of a slight and frail build but her demeanor was warm and friendly. She smiled at the group and said "You are all welcome here and please, make yourself at home. The kitchen is available anytime and we have enough provisions to last at least two weeks."
The lobby door opened and four men entered. Gesturing towards them Miss Louise said, "I would like to introduce my caretaker Rufus Lloyd, who will help you get settled." A wiry and gnarled looking man nodded a greeting.
"Our newest travellers, Mr. Anderson and Neilsen. They are Electric Company Lineman and were stranded here when the bridge collapsed."
"I'm Jack Douglas, a travelling salesman. I made a wrong turn and now I'm stuck here with the rest of you", interjected the last man, rudely interrupting Miss Louise.
Unfazed, Miss Louise said, "I am very happy to have all of you here. I am going to retire for the night so I will see you all in the morning. Sleep well and goodnight."

"Well, I suppose it could be worse and I'd still be stuck in Hollow Town" grumbled Mr. Douglas.
"What do you mean? asked Mz. Heppel.
They found four people brutally murdered and made up to look like clowns and there were Satanic references apparently," replied Mr. Douglas.
"We have just come from Hollow Town!" said the bus driver.
Ralph Georges looked about the room. "Where is the professor?" he asked Ethel.
She replied that he and Mark had just stepped outside.



Miss Louise - Motel Owner

Rufus Lloyd - Motel Caretaker

William B. Johnston - Bus Driver
Kenneth D. Barnes - Unknown

Dr. David A. Eccelstein - Professor of Psychology
Carol A. Lindor - Grad Student
Ralph J. Georges - Grad Student
Ethel E. Grainger - Grad Student
Mark H. Howard - Grad Student

Clarence J. Edwards - Unknown
Linda M. Heppel - Print Journalist
Elizabeth L. Collier - Free Lance Photographer
HM1 Clinton S. Saunders - Navy Hospital Corpsman

Mark Anderson - Power Lineman
Craig Neilsen - Power Lineman
Jack Douglas - Salesman



There is no PMing

For Your Safety, Please Play Anonymously!





Game Start:

Monday October 17 at 6:00 pm

First Nightfall:

Tuesday October 18 at 9:00 pm

Actions due by 8:45 pm

Failure to vote at least every 2nd. round will incur a GK.

DON'T let a GK determine YOUR faction's Game Result



GK - Miss 2 consecutive round votes




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