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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Blues Tuesday Oct. 18th 2016


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Game 3: Canucks vs Blues Tuesday October 18th 2016 @ 7PM (Rogers Arena)


5-3 Canucks let's keep the win streak going!


Question: How many total Shots on Goal (SOG) will the Canucks have this game?  If nobody guesses exactly, then anyone who was within +/- 1 shot will get credit. (Note:  This condition only comes into play if nobody has the EXACT NUMBER). 


25 shots on goal




Nex is my ex 2

DollarAndADream 1

Jam126 1

numb3r 16 1

Jaku 1

Beary Sweet 1

Silky mitts 1

Riviera82 1

Raspberries 1

Inthedark 1

spur1 1

Cromeslab 1

CaptainKool 1

debluvscanucks 1

canucksnhl 1

canucksfann 1

Tigerstripes 1

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Part of me says that this wild ride has to come to an end. The other part of me says we looked excellent since the end of the Flames game and that we come out Tuesday firing on all cylinders and steal a win from one of the NHL's best teams.


3-2 Canucks


28 SOG

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