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Las Vegas Team: New Locker Room


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At this time next year, Las Vegas will be just beginning its first season with an NHL team.

Although some finishing touches will be put on before training camp next September, the team's home locker room at T-Mobile Arena is looking almost ready to go.

Take a look inside our team's eventual home locker room below, starting with the primary dressing area.


The unnamed Las Vegas team just posted pictures of their new locker room. "Unfinished", but it's looking a lot like a Hilton Conference center. Compare it to Buffalo, or Vancouver. Not what I expected out of Vegas...

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9 minutes ago, Kakanucks said:

Wow...so generic looking.......looks like it was put together for temporary use.

Those chairs gotta go.

This is what I was thinking too. It's so dull and lifeless. Can't say it's overly impressive.

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That is brutal.


You'd think a team that had the money to buy a spot in the NHL would at least make their team area top tier. This is as bland as they come. Those cubicles and shelving units are like what you would see in elementary school...

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32 minutes ago, Where's Wellwood said:

The stalls look like really cramped cubicles. The following chairs make it look even worse.


Any one else notice that the contact name is Black Knights Sports and Entertainment?

That's what Bill Foley names all his companies/subsidiaries and what not

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