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Sean Monahan

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2 minutes ago, Sean Monahan said:

I've only been CDC'ing on my phone lately so I haven't had a chance to change my sig. Thanks for the input everybody, though @Twilight Sparkle yours doesn't seem to be loading anymore?

hmm idk if tinypic was shutdown or wut, but





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On 2016-11-18 at 8:27 PM, ajhockey said:

Odd. Maybe it's just weirdly picky about things.


On 2016-11-18 at 8:44 PM, Sean Monahan said:

Scratch that,  I'm having the same issue as @ajhockey. Let me know if you figure it out.

ill assume you guys are getting


when you try to get your sigs in


if by chance, you guys have more than one image in the queue, like this. that would be the current sig you want to upload, plus your previous one



and you end up with




then when you delete one image, then hit save, you get the error again and you get something like



reload the page and click on the trash can to delete the other image, otherwise it'll keep trying to upload both (even when you insert other media, and hit upload existing image and only choose one), and click on the lone image and it'll go into the sig, hit save, and the sig is there without error.



ever since the board switch, it really messed with how you upload sigs

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On 11/23/2016 at 0:34 AM, Twilight Sparkle said:



ever since the board switch, it really messed with how you upload sigs


After 1.5 months, I finally understand what you meant. Thanks for the help, mate. I would use this sig, but old Sean Monahan beat me to it.

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