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If anyone was reading the forum back in the days, he was tossed around in trade proposals like meat in a prison.  


He was labelled a bust, with the mantra of "K0P1T4R!!!111" being the usual response anytime Luc was a topic of conversation on this board, lots of posters wanted to get rid of him for a bag of pucks.  Many were livid that he only had 2 goals in this 28 games with the big club.... a huge disappoint for a supposedly offensive defenseman.  

"He's one-dimensional", "he can't play defense", "he can't think the game at the NHL level", "Could of have Kopitar/Staal/etc".... but he tragically past away and suddenly he's the answer the the Canucks woes, the missing piece for the 2011 run, and some proclaiming him to be the NHL all-star defenseman.  


Luc Bourdon tragically died.  Could have, would have.... lets just let him Rest in Peace.  


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Luc might very well have become a legitimate #1D is this league. He had all the tools. Size, physicality, skating, puck skills, shot, two-way ability, and was a physical specimen that would have munched high minutes in his prime.


Of course the loss to this organization doesn't compare in the slightest way to the tragedy his passing has meant to his family and friends. But it's still hard not to wonder what having a player of his calibre in the lineup these past years might have meant to this team.

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8 hours ago, xereau said:

You guys notice that BOTH of the between period specials in the Sunday game, were about terrible moments in Canucks' history?

Steve Moore, then Luc Bourdon.  Coincidence?  I highly doubt it.

You're right. It's not a coincidence. The Steve Moore segment wasn't actually about Steve Moore, it was about a local NB kid that Moore is helping.

Luc Bourdon was a local NB kid. And where was Hometown Hockey being broadcast from? New Brunswick.

Nothing coincidental about it. Nothing nefarious either. And I'm a big Ron hater.

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