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Sedins no longer statistically twins


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11 hours ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

Going over the roster, noticed Daniel has put on significant pounds over Henrik.


Both of them usually weigh within a pound or two of each other, but this year the difference is 7 pounds.


Wonder if they decided on a different conditioning program?  Or maybe Henrik wasn't able to push as hard because of recovering from the back injury?


I do notice Daniel seems a bit quicker this year.  Hoping Henrik can stand up to the punishment he is going to get.  Hasn't hurt his goalscoring yet.  :)


Noticed also that Hutton has definitely put on muscle... up to 207, a decent weight for a defenseman, last year he was a little light.


And Virtanen also seems to have put on more weight, probably just maturing although no doubt conditioning played a part.


Wondering about Tryamkin at 265... seems a really big gain but maybe its the N American conditioning systems?


You put on 35 lbs over a summer it's either steroids or the feed trough. I'm leaning towards the feed trough, but since the Russians athletes were banned from the Olympics I could be wrong.

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For the record, both Chara and Byfuglien are in the ballpark of 255. If Tryamkin came in at 265, that places him as the heaviest active player in the league (John Scott possibly weighing more if you counted him). 


Its the right general ballpark though. Chara has always been ripped and wiry if you see him shirtless, with very little body fat. If Tryamkin has similar height with a broader build, I could see him at 265 being healthy.


Whether he can control that momentum while skating is another question though. 

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21 hours ago, Aladeen said:

Um how is there a 10lbs per inch rule? That would mean Horvat would need to be 720lbs and Tryamkin would need to be 790lbs. I don't think that's a rule at all or your math is way off.


more like a 3ish lbs per inch rule.


BoHo at 72 inches at 220lbs = 3.05 lbs/inch


Tram at 79 inches at 265lbs = 3.35 lbs/inch.


I think your rule is applicable to waistline inches not height inches.



That's all true but Tram and anyone super tall needs more girth everywhere to maintain the same profile and strength/Lb. ratio ...so more Lbs per inch for a tall person is needed.

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10 hours ago, Creepy Crawler said:

225-230 is way too light for a 6'7" tall guy.  Ther are some 6'5-6'6" goaltenders out there that weighs that and they're pretty skinny.

yeah you are right, Chara is 6'9 250 lb, Tryamkin will look good if 240-245 lb

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23 hours ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

A few people had their bosses yelling at them again I see.  ;)


Tryamkin was listed at 228 lbs last year... unless that figure is wrong, he has put on 35 + pounds.  Not that he weighs too much, but 265 is a lot of weight to move in a game which depends on acceleration and speed.  Hutton was listed at 183 lbs last year if I remember correctly so that is a 21 lb gain.


Sedins have been listed at within a pound or two of each other for a decade.  Last year they were both around 187 lbs.  Now Henrik is down at 183 and Daniel is at 190.  That tells me something is going on... either conditioning wise, or perhaps as I said, Henrik took some time to recover from his back injury.  (remember the back injury???)


Some people don't catch the details which tell the story.

And? As usual, we're waiting for your point. So Daniel gained a couple pounds and Henrik lost a couple where they'd only been a pound or two previous. But then maybe you just answered your own question by noting Henrik's back injury. Perhaps he's lost muscle mass due to that or Daniel was able to put on more.


But so they're different. They always have been. Their weights have always been similar, but they've never been identical in every way. What makes this part of them not being indentically identical so important?

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