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Canucks lack of an All-Star caliber player.

Adarsh Sant

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Almost every team in the NHL has at least 1 all-star caliber player. If we look at the Western Conference who most of our games are against, almost every team has a player who regardless of team or situation would be an All-Star player.  The teams that you can argue who defy this statement are Colorado and Arizona.



Oilers - McDavid

Sharks - Pavelski, Burns

Ducks - Getzlaf, Perry

Flames - Gaudreau

KIngs - Doughty, Quick, Kopitar

Coyotes - Arguably Ekman-Larsson



Wild - Suter and arguably Parise

Blues - Tarasenko

Stars - Benn, Seguin

Hawks - Kane, Toews, Keith

Avalanche - Arguably Duchene and Landeskog

Jets - Laine ( I know it's super early for him but 6 goals in 7 games come on) and arguably Byfuglien

Preds - Subban and Rinne



The Canucks do not have a player who can match up to these players.  Almost all of these players would be a 1st liner, top 2 D-man or starting goalie on any team regardless of the situation. Can the Canucks provide anyone of this caliber?  I know you guys will say the Sedins and I understand that.  They are going to be Hall of Famer's one day.  But in this day and age, they just don't match up to these players. If this was 2010-2011 then yes they would be All-Star players.  On top of that, you need both the twins to be on their game if the Canucks are to win games consistently. These players can produce independent of each other.



My question to you is do we need one player of this caliber to succeed in the NHL, or can we do it with our current roster? A D-man, forward or goalie? Any other thoughts?


I would like to hear your opinions on this.



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lol well if you are looking at 60-65 points.. Horvat might reach it in a few years time if he continues to develop.. but he would not be considered an all star or top line center in literally every other team except vancouver.. and Boeser lol.. look at all the expectation, hype, and pressure on the kid already.. we are all expecting him to be the next star savior of the team lol.. to be seen how he'll handle the pressure of playing in vancouver.. and how he handles the fans riding him if he's not producing

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Let me get this straight. Parise is an all star but not the Sedins. These threads always talking Canucks in need of someone really good. You can't do that unless you trade for someone or draft. Canucks are just going to develop their guys right now. Hopefully these threads about Canucks needing this and that stop its so annoying.

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What else is new frankly?

The team's current roster has a bunch of decent but non-game-breaking players up front, and I think what the team needs is either a Tarasenko or Perry-type scorer to complement all the two-way guys.  Twins, Sutter, Bo, Sven, Hansen, Eriksson are skilled two-way guys with some scoring, but none of them have top-level shots (Sven, Sutter, Bo and Danny have decent shots but not top goal-scorer levels, hope Rodin can surprise somewhat?).  Granlund and Jake likely have some potential but not sure how much more they can develop.

On the back end, Stecher looks promising as does Hutton on offense, while Larsen also moves the puck well.  Edler has a good all-round game and Gudbranson and Tanev have good defensive games.  However, at present none of them are the offensive catalyst that can really drive an attack as a guy who can rack up assists (though that's also partly due to the lack of finishers up front).

Hopefully Boeser and Juolevi can come as advertised, and the team picks their future #1 offensive center in this year's upcoming draft.    

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