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Message to the Sedins: Simplify... Think Shot


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With all due respect to the greatest point getters and goalscorers the Canucks have ever seen... but it's time to stop living in the past.


Yup, 10 years ago they were able to make 8 passes which ended with the puck being tipped into the empty side with the goalie and defense completely out of position... but that was 2006.


Scating, hand-eye, reaction... they are not what they were and it is time to recognize the facts.


The Sedins are still excellent offensive players, with the potential to score 25 goals and put up 60 points, but they won't do that by playing as if they were still 25.


I watched Daniel's only really decent chance against the Caps... his two on one with Hansen...  Hansen made the perfect pass right onto to Daniel's stick, could have easily been a one timer with a decent chance for a goal... but what did Daniel do?  He took the puck on his stick... then instead of one timing it... he hesitated... you could see him looking pass...  and that hesitation was enough to allow the Wash. goalie to move over, settle and be ready to save the shot.  Maybe the chance of a one timer scoring was not quite as optimal as Daniel might have wanted... but it was a good percentage... AND HE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT.


Wake up fellas... time to adjust your game to realities.


If Willie can't take these guys into his office and lay down the facts, then Benning or Linden need to.




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