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Superstitious NHL Schedule??


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Ummm, so last I checked, Halloween isn't an actual holiday.  So why are there no NHL games at all today?  I might have a bad memory, but I don't recall the last time there was not a single NHL game on the schedule other than when there was a holiday (Edit: correction, NHL games are played on all statutory holidays except for the Christmas break)


Edit:  Yup, just checked the schedule.  The only days of this season where there are absolutely no NHL games on the schedule are Christmas break, All-Star weekend, and... HALLOWEEN.... oooooo.....

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46 minutes ago, jstewboy said:

Probably because a lot of parents are busy with kid stuff. I'm sure it has to do with viewers and this is one of those nights dad can't kick back on the couch and watch games.

This makes pretty good sense... business wise at least


Although, those hosting trick or treaters, could have the game on? 

It does seem to make sense ratings wise though

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On October 31, 2016 at 11:42 PM, AriGold said:

I don't get it either, last year it would have been a Sunday and I'm pretty sure it was chalk full of games...


Last year was on a Saturday. Usually there is games on Halloween. Monday is usually the least busy day for games in the NHL. My guess is they don't want to compete with Monday night football early in the year. 

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