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The Official Jimmy Vesey Thread

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He is a very good hockey player i think. He has 9 points this year, he scored on 1.14 ppg in college translated to .90 in the NHL.


Brock Boeser scores at a 1.47 ppg in college which means Brock will score at  1.16 ppg in his first 10 games=11 points


Math? I think so...

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9 hours ago, Coconuts said:

I don't like how he went about things, but it's kinda nice to see someone so hyped not be a dud for once.

seems like all the college boy players are overrated.like johnny hockey.yankee girl doesn't deserve that nickname.i think troy stecher is way overrated too.don't believe he can have an impact until i see it other than in a youngsters game where he's older than the other prospects.or the first preseason game where every team plays their bums.how did stecher earn his spot?i heard he didn't look good in 4 games with the comets.NHL is trying to turn hockey into NFL,NBA and MLBA,where you don't get to play unless you went through college so you can be another paid off little puppet.tryamkin looked awesome in the 13 games he got last year.if you think stecher or larsen gives us a better chance to win your beyond help.

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