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Edler's Stick


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Edler's stick breaks 3 to 4 times a game.  At the worst times.  Can we not petition -- as a fan base -- that he play with a fricking wooden stick that won't break.  It's not as if he shoots to hit the net anyway.  This is a perfect metaphor for the vets on the Canucks we can't seem to be rid of.  Dump/retire everyone not called Sedin.  Everyone called Sedin: keep as 2nd line and mentors.  Love these guys. Not on the power play anymore; not as first line.



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Ok...I realize this isn't exactly serious thread, but I've wondered for a long time if what Edler needs is a longer stick. Not Willie Mitchell long, but something where Edler isn't having to lean so far forward when he tries to shoot or pass. If he's able to keep his head up, maybe he'll try passing forward instead of the blind back pass and won't hit a wall of players when he tries to shoot.

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