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Well I've been thinking its time for a movement here as a fan base. 


Free willie means let Willie D go and replace the stupid whale. It's a total make over , slap Johnny Canuck or the stick in rink logo or both for that matter and go for a rebuild. Willie D is a nervous wreck and is making more sceptical calls on personal then the Cubs manager in game 7 of the World Series. It rubs off on the team and something is clearly amiss.


Linden and benning need to figure out what we are doing here! Clearly we arnt going to compete and there has been questionable contracts handed out. A rebuild on the fly won't work , God bless the twins but they are too slow it's obvious this season . They will still get 50 but they are in the twilight.


i just want a rebuild and a rebirth of Johnny Canuck. Let Johnny grow !


Rebuild it and they will come!


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