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(Discussion) Col-Van

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To Van

M.Duchene - Can play center and wing. Could form a nice 1-2 down the center with Horvat. Helps our non-existent scoring. Still a young player, good for win now and the team's future.

To Col

Chris Tanev - His defensive play could really help the Ave's blue line. Right hand shot. Makes a good first pass. Premium on defensemen lately.


I'm a big Tanev fan so it would be sad to see him go, but he's our best trading chip on the blue line that doesn't have a no trade clause. His departure would leave a temporary hole on the blue line, but Stecher could fill a minute munching role sooner rather than later. With players like Stecher, Tryamkin and Juolevi coming thru the system the Canucks are going to have to make room in the top four.



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as much as id love to have duchene or landeskog i still cant see col wanting tanev because hes not a fit


beauchemin-johnson (righty)

gelinas-barrie (righty)




tanev would be slotted in as their 3rd pair guy unless barrie can play left side but thats awkward for a righty to play that side

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