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Ryan Kesler gets TKO by Max Domi


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Kesler didn't want to fight, but Domi wasn't going to let him go after he took a run at him.


Domi's a small guy, but he's had some good fights in his small career. Always impressive when you can drop a guy. Can't say I like him throwing the extra one when Kesler was already down.


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4 minutes ago, TimberWolf said:

Kesler is one of the best Canucks we ever had. Hate the Ducks, but he deserves his name on a cup.


Kesler had a couple of good seasons, but in the end he quit on his teammates, basically calling them out for not being up to his exacting standards. Kesler deserves no more or no less than any other player in the NHL, the chance to get well paid for playing a game and maybe having a shot at a championship. But he doesn't deserve to have his name on anything he hasn't earned along with his teammates.

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