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Willie and Jim Benning on Hot Seat


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2 hours ago, bloodycanuckleheads said:

Benning has turned this team into a complete embarrassment.


We've been shut-out four out of the last 5 games.  We've looked like the worst team in the league so far - by a long-shot - even when we were winning.  And, there is absolutely no hope on the horizon.  All we have to look forward to is the Sedins becoming irrelevant (they've already started dialing-it-in, so irrelevance can't be too far off).  And, when that happens, we get worse.  A lot worse.  Think it's bad having only one line that can score (well, two-thirds of one line anyways)?  Just wait until it's zero!


Our GM's job isn't to turn us into a lottery winner.  He's been given his marching-orders:  we are to be competitive.  Period.  No matter how delusional and misguided that is.  Yet, his idea of being competitive is making us by far the worst team in the league.  Just imagine how God-awful we'd be if he was ordered to make us tank instead.


Oh yeah, the NHL record for getting shut-out is 20 times in a season.  And, that record was set in 1928/9 when the league's leading-scorer had 32 points on the season.  The modern record is getting shut-out 16 times.


This year, the Canucks are on-pace to get shut-out 30 times!


And, yet, everyone in this thread is saying nothing but how wonderful Benning is...


 Ok I can understand some of your points. Can you remember what he was left with when he took over the job from Gillis? The same man  who signed over half his aging roster to NTC or NMC. Wasn't it Gillis that said that he wouldn't ask any of his players to waive their NTC? So you think were slow now can you imagine still having Gillis  as your Gm and keeping his word but not asking any of your players to waive their ntc?

 Do you recall at some point we had  two great goaltenders before Benning took over But somehow both goaltenders ended up getting traded.  Are you going to say that we got a fair deal with the Schnieder deal by only getting a first (Horvat). Or do you think we could have got more out of that deal? The same could be said about the Loungo trade . Its not like Mike had a gun to his head by both players asking out of Vancouver, not like the Kesler trade that Benning had to deal with along with only two teams to work out a deal.

 How do you expect to have competitive team when you have an aging core and your prospects to delevoped right away when your just entering your third year?

 We heard the same thing when Quinn took over and he had to deal with   poor teams for at least 4-5 years before they became a contender. And the same could be said about Burke.  Both of those Gm had to deal with the mess from the previous management. but there is two things neither  Gm had to deal with in their time in Vancouver  that Benning has to deal with is a Salary cap and most of his roster weren't giving NTC before taking over the job.

Every GM is going to make his blunders here and there. but shouldn't we give Benning a chance to not only deal with a mess from the previous management but to see how he builds his team through his drafting. 

I'm pretty sure No GM is trying to build their team to win  a lottery. It's also not the Gm job  just to compete to appease ownership just to make the playoffs only to be swept 4 straight either. Benning can only work with what he has and it going to take time. Its like me asking you to rebuild a race car within months but you have no engine to work with and a limited budget. Not saying Benning is doing a wonderful job either. I'm just saying give him some time when we have players like Boeser, Demko and other draft picks under Benning are ready to come up .

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4 hours ago, DeltaSwede said:

Play it out until the trade deadline. Re-evaluate Desjardins and see if he is the right guy to ride the season out. Otherwise, interim head coach until seasons end. Head coach search in the offseason.


Bennings seat is safe in my books for at least this season and the next 2. We just have to focus on the future and I get a feeling that the management group are now on board with a full on re-build from the indications and soundbites I have heard recently. Anything other than that is just speculation. 

I agree with this completely. Run out the season and evaluate WD based on the compete level of the team. We're in rebuild, I expect effort, not over the top results.


There will be some bumpy times ahead and there's no easy way through them. If we wind up with another really good lottery position for the first overall and chance to grab a solid center who will replace Henrik in a year or two, I'm pretty good with that.


Doesn't matter who we bring in for either position, the process will remain the same and fans can't expect miracle results.


Just my opinion.


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it should be but as long as benning doesn't speak up and form his own opinion ownership will continue to string him along. I predicted willie would be terminated before December. 

If this team loses it next three that should do it.

benning won't be back next season when the win now /playoff mandate isn't met.  

Ownership really wants this club to play four playoffs games and they would deem this season a success. That mentality reminds of the flames when they finished 9th year after year. Just good enough to stay bad. Fortunately benning has assemble a team bad enough to stay bad. Hope he doesn't throw any more draft picks away but that's pretty much a given. Those seconds and fifths are burning a hole in his pocket.     

I for one won't be sad when both benning and willie are gone. 


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1 hour ago, TheOgRook said:


Big difference between playing arguably the greatest player in the game, and his backup.. But good points otherwise :)


Not comparing the 2 obviously big difference, but what's the excuse for losing to Ottawa's backup then.... Backup or not Canucks are just not in the same league as the other teams.

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1 hour ago, Jam126 said:

lol You sir are out of your mind. This is what a rebuild looks like in a transition year, suck it up. Columbus after all those years of suck are at least supposed to be a playoff team. We have some great prospects and 3 blue-chippers with more to come. Also Price and Montoya cannot be compared, nice try though.


Lol suck it up? Suck what up? I'm the one who says this team is an AHL team not an NHL team I think I understand how far this team is away from competing. I'm just making a point to all the people who can't see how bad this team really is. For years people have been convinced that our prospects were going to be game changers in our future, well sorry to bust your bubble but all those players were busts except for Horvat and sadly the trend still looks the same. 5 years of top 3 picks may help this franchise, but without that it will be 10 years if they keep this trend up.

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