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Clear evidence that the instigator penalty has failed


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Saturday night was a joke


You can't have watched that game without getting a sense of how the instigator rule not only doesn't work, but actually protects those who are most likely to injure another player

That it has failed isn't really debatable, but why the league hasn't tried to fix it is,


What could they have to gain by sticking with this archaic failure of a rule?

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The league plays favorites. Always has. Always will. The Canucks aren't a league favorite. Never have been. Never will be. They have to be so good that they can not only beat the other team but beat the refs as well. They had this in 2011 but with injuries and convenient rule changes after the Rome hit, the league controlled refs made sure Boston won. The Canucks didn't stand a chance. Eastern bias and control will always rule the day. The Canucks will never win the cup until this changes. 

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