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Nazim Kadri wont be suspended for his hit on D.Sedin


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Nazem Kadri won’t be suspended for hit on Daniel Sedin


TORONTO – Nazem Kadri won’t receive a suspension for his hit on Daniel Sedinin Saturday’s Leafs-Canucks game, Sportsnet has learned.

The NHL’s department of player safety reviewed the play and determined that Sedin’s shoulder, rather than his head, was the principal point of contact.

Kadri was assessed a charging major at 6:42 of the third period after swooping into the defensive zone and levelling Sedin from the blindside just as he scored a goal. The collision knocked the helmet off the veteran Canucks forward, who smacked his head as he fell to the ice.

Sedin was put through the concussion protocol by trainers and returned to the game.


Tempers then flared up repeatedly on a night where 171 minutes in penalties were assessed, including game misconducts to both starting goalies: Ryan Miller and Frederik Andersen.

Toronto won 6-3.

Kadri has been one of the Leafs most effective players this season while being deployed in a shutdown role. He has six goals and nine point in 12 games.

The 26-year-old has been suspended three times by the department of player safety and would have been considered a repeat offender if it elected to do so again. He has forfeited nearly $400,000 in salary during his NHL career for the suspensions, two diving fines and a fine for making a throat-slash gesture at an opponent.



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All this shoulder vs head contact is bull$hit.  The intent to do damage was there.  The fact that you have to slow it down to 500X less normal speed to forensically determine what was contacted first in order to make a ruling is an absolute farce.


Bush league.  It forces players to take matters into their own hands.

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...this league and its "department of safety" is such a joke ffs I can't even believe this. But then again, not surprised with how much they have it against the Canucks.




e: the leafs/Babcock new their old boys club up in the league would save them.


...Murph deleted his tweet last night as well and knew. Said an anonymous inside source told him no discipline would be given.


Such a joke. If the tables were turned and let's say it was Burrows taking a run at Matthews, or any player taking a run at Crosby/McDavid, I'm 1000% certain there would be a suspension no doubt about it. Bush league that has it out against the Canucks. Htf is that not even 1 fracking game? The head was targeted as the principle point of contact and it was blind side - literally what the league says it wants out of the game!!!!!!! 



So you're telling me this is not suspension worthy

 Nor is this


but this was good enough for 2 games even though the shoulder was the principle point of contact



Frack this embarrassment of a league. I hope the next time the Canucks play the Leafs come December, a Canuck takes the same type of run at Matthews as Kadri did to Dank and see what comes of that. I'll tell you this much - there will be a suspension, guaranteed.

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The NHL deserves a complete and utter goon show December 3rd.  The blood will be on their hands.  This is a guy with a record that took advantage of a future hall of famer in a vulnerable position.  How much easier does it get for a suspension.  SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The NHL is a bush league through and through. inconsistent and biased. You could tell from Babcock's quote after the game nothing would happen to Kadri.


  "It's reviewable but we have good people at the League & they'll look after that. It won't be a problem." - Mike Babcock

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Just now, arowind said:

Someone needs to make a montage of all the questionable hits on the Sedins and the suspensions they received for each(or lack there of). The NHL is so hopelessly bias against the Canucks this happens again and again.

And juxtapose them with some of the things that the Canucks got suspended for.

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