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Where do I start? I want to start playing ice hockey


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2 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

First thing you have to do Kos, is stop calling it "ice" hockey. Apollo has already been "warned" about that. If you want to look like a noob, it's a sure fire way....


@apollo: Kos' advice is sound. Most rinks will have "drop in" ice time for guys who want to get some practice in. (Some places call it "Shift Hockey") Call the rink (or the rec office, whoever looks after such things) and ask. Most of the time, shift hockey will be scheduled at non-peak times, like lunch hour, or late at night.

Haha -  I have too many UK friends that correct me when i call it hockey......     I laugh at them when they tell me they call grass hockey - Hockey....  and that guys play it.


Drop in is the best place for a novice.  More relaxed and no one one your team will crap at you when you have brain far....  t   and make the shocker pass in your own end to a oppositional player who scores....

Drop in is also way cheaper during the day  (  10 bucks )  or less than  an  evening league game  ( approx. 20 bucks ).


Mostly though drop in is just more fun.  It is guys  ( and girls )  not even keeping score usually just playing for the love of the game.  



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