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Canucks Call-up Chaput

Ossi Vaananen

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17 minutes ago, Ossi Vaananen said:


He's been the Comets best forward. How do you pronounce it, Cha-poo or Cha-pUT

I heard them pronounce it Cha-poo on the radio yesterday...talk about picking the Comets clean...I have never seen a team like the Canucks for injuries...its almost a joke.

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2 minutes ago, LaBamba said:

It's sad that after a 3 year rebuild our first forward call up is Chaput a bullet in my head. 



What this shows is that the rebuild is going to be forced on to this organization. Rather than a rebuild on the fly management will soon be selling the fact that they are in a full on rebuild.

I still think that they have been trying to do both because of the twins. Their drop off in production is like Montreal without Price. Now that Hansen is out the fall will be complete and we can focus on the future.

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1 hour ago, Drfeelgood said:

Why not Labate?


43 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

Was thinking the same thing. 


We could use his energy, size and edge in the forward group. 


Chaput 13 pts in 10 games or Labate's 3 pts in 7 games. Which do we need more?

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