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2017 WJHC Pool - Group B


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Welcome to my 1st annual WJHC pool! A big thanks to @AriGold for running these in the past and also giving his permission for me to coordinate this year's pool. 


All are welcome to join. However, with that being said, some priority will be given to those who are active in Fantasy Hockey on CDC (any league). 




The draft will start on Saturday December 10th at 7 AM PST with picks being 4 hours in length. The clock will start at 7 AM PST Daily and end at 11 PM PST. If you miss your pick you may make it up at anytime. PLEASE TAG THE GM WHO IS NEXT AFTER YOU HAVE MADE YOUR SELECTION. 




  1. @TheRussianRocket.
  2. @Baer.
  3. @CaptainCanuck001
  4. @ReggieBush
  5. @Jaku
  6. @HowYaDrouin
  7. @Time Lord
  8. @Squeak
  9. @Art Vandelay
  10. @Beary Sweet


Leaderboard/Team Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pLcVPSIju4nXOm3IG3YURYOUb5b_7WZjjwfxXLk9gIk/edit#gid=998294469



  • Each team will consist of 3 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 Country's Goaltending (ex. Team Canada Goalies).
  • Snake draft order. Draft order to be determined.
  • The majority of the draft will be done offline, so as soon as 10 teams have been filled we will use a website to determine the draft order *Website is http://www.draftpicklottery.com/*
  • If a player is injured before the tournament, his team may choose to replace him with another player who has yet to be drafted. If a player is injured during a tournament game, he may not be replaced.
  • If a player is chosen but fails to make the final cut for his team, his team may choose to replace him with another player who has yet to be drafted.
  • No trading picks.
  • You may change your pick at any time until the next pick is taken.


Scoring System:


  • Goal & Shootout Winning Goal - 1 point
  • Assist - 1 point
  • Win - 1 points
  • Shutout - 1 point


Time Line:


Draft Start - The draft will start on Saturday, December 10th at 7 AM PST, run by @Spoderman and myself. You will be allowed to make selections prior to the 10th, but there will be absolutely no pressure on other GM's if they wish to wait until Saturday, December 10th.


Draft Limits/Key Dates - The Draft will run with 4 hour time limits from 7 AM PST - 11 PM PST every day from Saturday, December 10th until Wednesday, December 21st at 11:00 PM PST. From Thursday, December 22nd to Friday, December 23rd the draft will have a 1 hour time limit from 7 AM PST until 11 PM PST to complete the draft.


Player Swaps - If you choose a player and they are cut from the team or injured prior to December 24th we will compile a list of these players and let the GM's re-select players based on the draft position of the player they lost. This is not a first come first serve re-draft, so don't post that your player is injured and you want to re-select somebody else prior to Dec 24th.


Fringe Players - If you select a player like Patrik Laine with the hopes he will be released you are welcome to do so. Should he not be released from his NHL roster you will just re-pick that position on December 24th during the re-draft.


Any questions or concerns feel free to let me know.

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Announcement: I intend to do a similar style to what Ari has done with relegations/promotions in the two groups. For this year, the 10 GM's with the highest amount of points from both Group A and Group B will be invited to Group A next year. Next year the bottom 2 GM's from Group A will be relegated and the top 2 GM's from Group B will be promoted.

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Lotto (Everyone has 1 ball):




Official Result (Selected on the 5th time running the Lotto):




@Time Lord




@Beary Sweet




@Art Vandelay



GM's are allowed to select players immediately, however the clock will not start before December 10th. 


Good luck all!

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