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[PGT] Canucks @ Rangers

-Vintage Canuck-

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7 hours ago, Hairy Kneel said:

Chaput played a good game but those faceoff numbers are terrific!!

I think even Cheech mentioned our improvement on FO's, but that it got lost in all the losing streak nonsense.

ps waive Larsen Utica could use him

Pretty Pretty please! 

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52 minutes ago, The Big Luongo said:

Ya he does. Go through the goals allowed by Miller this season most are all bad rebounds and him coming too far out overplaying the shooter leaving a gaping net with him nowhere in sight.


 Markstrom is wall and plays the game with a real urgency I like. He's very confident and competes hard and with all that size and ability he can be a huge difference maker a team so close to the edge of winning or losing desperately needs . I always feel like he's going to own that net and give the team their best chance every game and I think his teammates feel the same they seem to play better in front of him.


Anyway hopefully WD sees this and has the balls to give him the job most nights. 

I agree Markstrom has been great, but to be fair Miller's numbers are good as well.  I like the idea of the splitting the rest of the season 50/50.  Maybe 55/45 since coach and Management say Miller is our number 1.  Miller is a great pro. He has received a lot of negative press here (just like most of our goalies do, unless they are the backup). Yet he has kept working hard for us and after watching him stand up for Stetcher how can you not want this guy on the ice for you?

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We are still a 65 point +- 2-6

Rangers were on 6 game winning streak an did not play up or get up for game.Clearly over years we have seen the same time an time again in Van ,when we wore the other shoe in better times.

All in all 1 win in 10 games is not what this team is supposed to do!

According to management they are to compete an be in play offs.

Just need to watch an wait for other shoe to fall off. Only constant is better D an stellar goal-tending tandem.

scoring goals is still a priority to keep the team rolling an most know that reality is a glitch in the season , that has yet to be addressed.


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13 hours ago, CanucksJay said:

No thanks . 

I'd  rather see Virtanen than Chaput . 

Man what happened to Jake ? 


Beginning of last year , he'd at least lay someone out . It's like he's playing scared this year . I think a few big his with him being the target scared him . 

Maybe I'm just blood thirsty but Even if the canucks lose, I'd  rather watch a though team that intimidates the opposition than a team of soft grinders going through the motion and losing without making the opposition  pay . That is super boring 

Even from the outset of training camp..Jake's play has been pedestrian....I was wondering what it was that got him scratched,and I'm guessing it was something he did (or didn't do) in the Leaf game.....His battle level,and physical game have vanished (he was getting his nose dirty last year),but then theres that chicken and the egg thing...What can you do in 7 minutes of ice time?


Having your top draft pick regressing,,to being a healthy scratch in his second year is a red flag..IMO.....I hope that Jake deals with it the right way,because sometimes these things turn sideways and the player will ask for a fresh start (trade).

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1 hour ago, Where'd Luongo? said:

I haven't seen anyone else dive just to ram in a complete trash goal though.

When your making that kind of cash with young players wanting your job, Horvats going all out beside you making that play happen, you're goalless and desperate you better dive and bat in an easy loose puck in a empty net lol

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2 hours ago, The Big Luongo said:

I wouldn't get too excited he scored the 1st goal picking up loose ends off great determined work by Horvat in a scrum and the 2nd on a defensive zone face off win and great pass by Horvat to an empty net. To me this doesn't erase the fact that he looks a step behind again this season maybe slightly better than last but not good enough when in my mind the Labate and Zelewski would be far more of a help to this team. Hopefully this game can somehow elevate his game but I'm definitely not counting on it.

Yup can't deny the facts but he is still contributing in all ways be it offensively, defensively and leadership wise.  You cannot evaluate his intangibles.   


But I am still respectfully saluting you with my middle ....... 



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Win an epic game vs the highest scoring team in the league, and #1 ranked american team at the time and you get a 9 game PGT...


Lose a game vs the Isles which we played well in... and you get a 23 game PGT... 


Hmmmmmm... I guess it's fair that people love to rant when we lose! 

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Nucks Video page is inacurate. 


I'm looking to watch the "game in 5" but the nucks site has only posted 50 seconds showing the LE goal. It must be a mistake. Can anyone instruct me on how to find the "game in 5" elsewhere, or how to notify Nucks admin of the problem. It's poor practice for a multi-million dollar business. They should have due diligence checks in place for this kind of problem. Not as if we need more reasons to complain. . . 

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