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Quick Rebuild - Redo (proposal/discussion)


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Ordinarily, I do not re-post my own material, but as we moved through our schedule, I am reminded that our team isn't so bad now that we are not competitive, but that within 2 or 3 years we will be in a position that we will have to wait out the next 7 to 10 years, before we are an upper tier team, again. Now is the time to pull the plug and move players to rebuild.


I do not like sending players away that I have become fond of, I do not like the idea of loosing for the next couple of years, but what I am totally against is having to wait another 7 to 10 years, and I am reminded of the pain that Toronto and Edmonton have gone through during their rebuilds, and frankly I don't like that much!


I think we can do it quicker, and I think for the most part, Toronto has in the past year shown it can be done quickly, and with less talent to move than the current Canuck team has at present.....but it will take some drastic moves......I have only re-posted this to illustrate what moves can be made to quicken the rebuild, and for the most part, I do not claim that the team, I have posted will by itself rebuild to the top of the league.


I do however say that with the proposed trades, that the picks obtained along with the team I have presented, will increase the chances of that happening, and would put us on a much better trajectory for the next 5 years, and a much better chance of reaching our goal.


Now before your flame me, ask yourself if you love the player or the team, ask yourself if we had Trouba and he wanted out, would you still love him as much, or ask yourself how much you loved Kesler before he messed with team-mates wives, or asked for a trade. 


As much as you may not agree, players come and go, and the sparkle can wear off. The fact is players decline in value and in sparkle in general, but your love of the team, if you are a fan, should remain.


The proposal below did not include moving the Sedin's, but ask yourself, if they were moved this year and the proposed trades were to happen, what would our future look like? I would say, that a trade could be made that includes the Sedin's at 50%, and taking a bad contract back, that you could move them for $3,000,000 a season, for the next year and a half, and get a very good return, from a team, that could spare a couple picks and a prospect.


Imagine that return in combination with the returns proposed........but remember that we would already have a 1st line center in Reinhart, Our prospect pool would be overflowing and all in a year or 2, and with a very young team, and a lot of cap space......for the right UFA's


Yes, I know it is not NHL16 or what ever, but Toronto is on their way, and it was the replacement of their management, and the implementation of their plan that has put them in such a good place so quickly.


Thanks for reading....please consider the suggestion


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Drastic remodeling = Drastic moves


Sam Reinhart is a 3rd line center in Buffalo right now. Buffalo having Ryan O'Reilly and Jack Eichel, can afford to move Reinhart if the return works for them. The question what is the return? The good thing about Sam is he is a 2nd year player and he has shown success in the NHL already. 


Would anyone take ...........Reinhart, Kane...........for ...........Horvat and Virtanen ?


Personally, as much as I love Bo, he doesn't look to be an elite center, which I think Reinhart has the potential to be, and I think Virtanen is a 3rd line player for the most part. I also think this gives us more options going into the next 2 years, because we are not forced to look for that #1 center, or #1 dman, or first line winger, we just take what is up and fill in. I also think it is way easier to find that 2nd line center, either through the draft or free agency.


Yes we take a step back, and yes it hurts, but we get the best player in the trade, and although there is risk, Kane has alot of potential, and he is worth the risk, as was Kassian in Edmonton. 


I would also like to get Michael McCarron out of Montreal, which may mean another drastic move, so I would offer the following....................


Tanev, Jordan Subban and 2017-3rd..............for ........McCarron, Noah Juulsen and 1-2017 2nd rounder and 1-2018 2nd rounder


Lots of moving pieces and again, there is risk, but at the end of the day we have filled our roster with young players and increased tenacity, and increased our chances of a proper tank and prospects.


                         2018-2019 Roster                                                                                 Prospects/Picks


    Kane               Reinhart             Broeser                                                       2017 1st (Van) (1st to 4th)

Grandlund            Sutter                Erikson                                                       2017 2nd (Van) (31st)

 Baertschi           McCarron           Hansen                                                       2017 2nd (CBJ) (34th)

    XXX                 Gaunce                XXX                                                          2017 2nd (Mtl)  (56th)

                                                                                                                         2018 1st (Van)  (1st to 4th)

                Juolevi               Stecher                                                                   2018 2nd (Van) (31st)

                Hutton              Gudbranson                                                             2018 2nd (Mtl) (56th)

             Briseboise            Tryamkin                                                                 2018 3rd (Van)  (61st)


                          Markstrom                                                                              Plus The Sedins trade? .............Grade A prospect plus picks



Now when you look at the line up, you are missing Hank, Danny, Edler, and Miller which equals = $25,000,000 + $2,400,000 from this year + rise in Cap? = A lot of money for upgrades, and we still didn't trade the Sedin's and we still have a chance somewhere along the line to move Edler, Hansen, Sbisa, Dorsett, and Miller somewhere along the line for additional picks.


This also does not include any of our late picks that could develope (Lockwood?McKenzie?Neill?Candella?Gaudette?)


My names Jan and I am a Tanker!

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4 minutes ago, ForsbergTheGreat said:

I'll keep bo and jake 


well, I can understand your feelings, but I have a real hard time seeing Bo become a dominant 1st line player, or Jake becoming a dominate power forward....I would love to eat my words, and I could be wrong, but I really wonder if they will reach their ceiling, compared to the rest of the young forwards through out the league.......


But more importantly, it is the total saturation of picks through a very short cycle that increases our odds of picking premium players, in the first 2 rounds...............


Again, I had not actually suggested in my first post (Nov 1st), that we trade Hank, Danny, Edler or Miller etc.......but again if you merge the assets gained in those trades, along with those gained from the later players, you have a wopping amount of picks in the 2 next drafts........and I am not suggesting they all have to be picks, as some could be prospects, or traded for up grades......but 

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1 minute ago, coastal.view said:

just no thanks .. was not worth reposting to be honest

go away


You know Coastal, I am not surprised you responded so quickly. You have no imagination. You are such an expert, and frankly a jerk.......you must be fun!

Of course this will not happen, but the potential for some of it to happen is there...........


Every year, Chicago moves talented hockey players and remains on top, I wonder how that happens?


Since you don't agree, why don't you tell me who Chicago won't move that before they retire..........

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41 minutes ago, WHL rocks said:

THere are no quick fixes. Takes 7 to 10 years.  


I know WHL, just trying to get people to have a little fun.......it is not like there is an NHL GM out there that reads this stuff.......Coastal would just rather blow out all the candles before singing the song


Just bugs the cr#p out of me......everyone takes this place so seriously, like its their job or something


I like the guys on here that come up with facts that I don't know, that have done a little research, something I can learn from....or counter arguments


This is really no different than NHL 16.....except when we loose we are all sad, when we win we are happy........I see no pain in talking about it


When you think about it, everything has been talked to death....maybe we should have CDC shut down......how many pages on Burrows are there, and people keep puking out the same stuff


I say, ok....if its fun ......go for it, just don't take it so seriously (not meaning you)


I am blabbering................sorry...............I'm out of here!

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To Jan,


It sounds like you're having a time with what is going on with the Canucks right now.


You've heard this before but don't panic, it's going to take some time.  I couldn't give you a number of years.  Just some things to think about.


The Canucks are in a unique situation.  It's not like the Leafs or the Oilers, Flames, Jets or Coyotes.  They made it to the cup final in 2011 and you could say the price that they paid was no draft picks in the system for 7, that's SEVEN full drafts from 2005 to 2011.  These are guy's who would be in their prime right now 23-29.  


So let's dispense with the self pity.  What now?


Benning has attempted to make up for the deficit of talent in the middle age group but because of the assets he was starting with, he was limited in what he could do and ended up with some players in the 22-26 age group who will probably stick with the team moving forward.  Sutter, Baertschi, Granlund (Rodin remains to be seen), Gudbranson, Stecher, Larsen.  Most, if not all of these guys would be 3rd line or 2nd pair on good teams.


There's the older group who, as they must be moved, are replaced so that there are enough veterans to mentor and shelter the younger players.  Sedin, Sedin, Eriksson, Burrows, Dorsett, Edler, Miller.  You know all this.....


And the youger players who comprise the future core of the team.  Some of the first group I listed above will blend into the future core.  But top line forwards and top pair D are going to be drafted and that means 2012 and earler.  


To conlclude, despite what management says about being competitive and the media says about making the playoffs, this team is all about development.  It has to be because there is no other way to go.


What ever way the team goes for the remainder of this season is dependent on how young players develop.


The key to shortening the development curve is having older players pass down a winning culture as best as they can.  Until drafted players such as Bo Horvat and Brock Boeser start carrying the ball that the Sedin's currently carry, the team is not getting better.  It will happen but it will take time.



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10 hours ago, janisahockeynut said:


You know Coastal, I am not surprised you responded so quickly. You have no imagination. You are such an expert, and frankly a jerk.......you must be fun!

Of course this will not happen, but the potential for some of it to happen is there...........


Every year, Chicago moves talented hockey players and remains on top, I wonder how that happens?


Since you don't agree, why don't you tell me who Chicago won't move that before they retire..........


and you clearly do not appreciate or accept that positive and productive changes are being made to the team

you simply want to be more dramatic and unrealistic

i have no interest in discussing chicago

this is a canucks hockey forum

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