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I've watching hockey for the last 20 years but have never played a game in my life.  A few questions:


1.  How do the relationships between coaches and refs play a part in a hockey game?  I see coaches screaming at refs or talking to them:  Does this "gamesmanship" between coaches and refs affect the outcome of games?


2.  Does chatter between guys really get them off their game?  Is it easy to tune out?  What effect does it have on a player's performance during the game?


3.  Is it really "that" difficult to get a slap-shot on net?   Why can't they get it on net 100% of the time?  It it just merely a matter of practice?



4.  How does the relationship between players and refs affect the outcome of a game?  I see some players smiling and joking with refs and some scowl at them.  Why is this different?



5.  What is actually said in the locker room?  Is it just guys keeping silent?  Do they complain about each other?  What effect do personalities and emotions have on the outcome of a hockey game?  Do guys generally like each other?  What happens if  trade happens and you get a guy in your room that you hated to play against?  Does this spill over?  Or are guys ok with it?





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Here's a link to a thread that's great for general hockey questions:


But to try and answer a bit:

  1. Coaches and players both talk to the refs and try and curry favour. Sometimes they're so upset they yell instead and hurt their case, but then sometimes the refs hear that better. 
  2. Some guys are more effective at the trash talking than others. It happens all the time but you don't often see someone retaliate unless it goes over the line. But of course that's why they call those players agitators and it can have an effect.
  3. If these players were just there with no traffic and no pressure, they could easily hit the net all the time. But, they've got to deal with players trying to check them and also try and get it between all the legs and sticks in the way while shooting hard enough to be effective.
  4. Some players tend to joke more and others tend to get upset. It's the same as the coaches question above.
  5. It may not quite be like the movies, but there's everything from day to day chat, getting reamed out by the coach, chalk talk, etc. It's just like any other dynamic, where you might not get along with coworkers or have a friend who gets let go.

Honestly, check out some of the insider shows the NHL has had the last few years and it'll show a bit of all of that.


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