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[Proposal] VAN - BUF

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1 hour ago, Canada Hockey Place said:

BUF: Eriksson, Sutter, Gudbranson, Sbisa

VAN: Kane, Reinhart, Franson, Gorges


Sedin Sedin Hansen

Kane Reinhart Burrows

Baertschi Horvat Virtanen

Granlund Guance Dorsett

/Skille [Rodin]


Edler Tanev

Gorges Stecher 

Tryamkin Franson

/Hutton Larsen


I have no -1 left, remind me to give you one tomorrow.

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2 hours ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

I believe brouhaha might be the MOST amusing word in my dog-eared, Oxford dictionary..somethin about it? Perhaps the ending?!


BTW, these two cousins don't seem the kissin-variety. Biz has been infrequent, & we're likely STILL bitter about GP!!!


I like the word boondoggle, popularized by PM Cretien. A boondoggle is what this trade would be, because it would certainly lead to a brouhaha amongst nuck fans ehh

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Kane = more problems

Reinhart = wouldn't mind having him

Franson = plug

Gorges = plug


Erikkson = just got here

Gudbranson = just got here

Sutter = his possible first full season since we got him

Sbisa = plug


You do not trade players you have just acquired unless it is part of a move made with multiple teams. Trading players less than 20 games into their first season with a new team not only makes future free agents not want to come here, but makes the team look like  more of a joke. Trading a guy who is supposed to be a foundational player for us, looking like he might be able to stick around for a full season and make a difference is ludicrous. Sbisa would likely be gone if his cap hit was lower.

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