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[Discussion] Could Hartley Heal


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A Stanley cup ring.Jack Adams winner.Has worked with young players in Calgary with success.Took the Canucks out in the first round in Willy's first year.He seems like a no nonsense coach.He can be a little dirty but won't  have the players on the Canucks to do that.I think a guy like Hartley would be the cure for what ails Vertanen if it's believed he has an attitude problem.


 What I would like to see more than anything is a coach come in and force this team to drive the net more.Throw some offensive punch into the teams game..We know playing a defense first game has failed miserably this year and has caused more confusion to guys like Horvat than helped.Bo wants to go but plays positionally like he is ready to retreat and not get caught.Anyone else frustrated with the bottom 3 lines carrying the puck to the other teams blueline then just throwing it in.Im not saying they should carry it every time but I notice that the dump in seems to do nothing but give the opposition that little extra time to get back and clog up the middle and leave little room for a puck or player to get through..Also maybe he will play a more center of the ice than perimeter game.The Chicago's and Detroits would be a model I'd like to see.


Who else would like a Horvat,Hansen and Virtanen line as the 1st line for a little while.Coached to do nothing but drive play up the ice and drive the net hard. Nothing but offense.Pair them with Tanev and Hutton.The two of them do nothing but play defense.Hutton is struggling trying to jump the play and being put on a line with arguably two of our slowest forwards to backcheck is a no win situation.Also Hansen can backcheck and backup Hutton if he does decide to go.


I want the Canucks to go on the offense a bucket load more.Willy don't and his systems suck.I think a Hartley coached team will be a hell of a lot better.



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If you want to see more offense it won't happen with Hartley.  There is no magic bullet for the Canuck's offensive woes.  The media for example have been going on and on about the coaching of the PP but having gone through multiple PP coaches shows it isn't coaching.  Want to know why the PP was so good in 2011?  Kesler/Erhoff and Salo that's why.  


The only way the Canuck's are going to get magically better is to continue developing their younger players and pray to god Baertschi/Horvat/Virtanen/Boesner can be impact top 6 players.  Wouldn't hurt for Eriksson and Sutter to find some chemistry with others too.

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Well Hartley is definitely better than WD.


So I'm game!


At least Hartley would know where certain players belong...


Willie seems like a good guy. But that's enough if we're trying to win a Cup.


We need a coach who is willing to let our kids play through their mistakes... (Just like what Ferraro said)

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1 hour ago, Lockhart said:

I think Crawford is one of the best options for next year. I know a lot of people like Travis Green, but I'd prefer a coach with more NHL experience.

I would much prefer Crawford over Hartley at least.  Green maybe one day.  But I'm also for giving Willie some more time to sort it out.  GCG!

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