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Any recommendations for PC gaming headsets?


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Yes hello,


My existing PC gaming headset is broken. I ordered a new one but when I arrived I realized that it has total noise cancellation in the ear muffs, so when I voice chat with friends in-game it feels really weird speaking (like having earplugs in), and I can't tell if I'm yelling or being quiet. It's pretty off putting, and also the mic died like a week in.


I was curious if anyone has any good recommendations for a headset that lets me actually hear myself speak (noise cancelling mic is OK though), and is decent quality at mid-low range price. I'm thinking $80-150 range. Nothing too crazy since I never break 15 hours a week gaming anymore these days.


USB connector is slightly preferred over analog, but not a huge deal. Any recommendations are appreciated!




Edit: I realize I can just google headset reviews, which is what I did for this last one, but I can't really google "without noise cancelling ear muffs" or the like and get good results. It'd be nice to talk to someone who actually owns the headset.

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On 11/18/2016 at 2:50 PM, secksii said:

since black friday is approaching, wait until amazon has sennheiser hd 598 on sale for 100-110, and get urself a modmic.

It will beat any "gaming" headsets.


This guy has the answer!


HD 598's for $109.99.  Then just get a mic with a wire clip.


Gaming headsets are mostly a scam.  Not worth the money.

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