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Reading some of scouts report on Virtanen seems he could be a Jarome Iginla type of player. They both have same size speed and decent puck handling skills not to mention they love to shoot. Similar style of play North-South and both play physical so I'm wondering how about Jarome comes in a mentors Virt.

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Scott Hartnell.


20-25 goal scorer with 1 or 2 30 goal season maybe. Get you 40-50 points a year. I'd be happy with that.


Hartnell has had a similar rookie season point total as Virtanen and Hartnell has had consistency issues after a good 2nd year. Same size, Virtanen a faster and better skater. 


Virtanen will benefit with a good playmaker just like Hartnell had with Giroux. Nothing against Horvat, but I don't think him and jake are a good fit.


As well, Virtanen had a 50 goal year in Junior while playing on the left wing. Why not try him out there again? 



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