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Should Canada limit Leaders to 8 years?


Should office be held for max of 8 years?  

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1 minute ago, Rush17 said:

this question when I first read it really irritated me. term limits is one question but Canada has terms of 5 years not 4.


I personally like it being open beyond 2 terms.  I don't know if limits are needed though. what is the record like 3 terms in a row if memory serves me right?


wasn't trudeau s father in twice or am I mistaking him with someone else. 


I could see term limits of 3 or 4 terms. 15 to 20 years but even then what's the point most political figures don't reach that stage til they are around 50 often over.   Justin trudeau is a bit of a rare spicimen for being relatively young.

here it is




21 years is the record.  my issue with term limits is it makes it more of an ego trip to stay the full 8.


I believe policy can be focused on more if it's just unlimited based on health. 


I'd cap it maybe at 5 terms 25 years.  not that it would ever be reached so what's the point.


that's just my take though.

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6 minutes ago, mpt said:


Most Canadians think they are voting for PMs instead of the person in their riding.

yeah. I wish there was a vote for both. too often a quality local candidate is passed over because of their teams national leader.  


but then again maybe it's our fault and in my case my fault for not voting on my local leader instead of the prime minister.

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5 hours ago, BowtieCanuck said:

Most Canadians are really voting for a party though. They only think that because of American politics oddly enough.

That's one of the things that irks me the most. Sometimes a person wants to vote for a certain person to be thier leader and a different person to lead their riding. Tying it together in a way kind of takes away from the ridings ability to improve thier own areas especially if the MP in question doesn't even live in the riding.

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12 hours ago, mpt said:

Harper served two terms, Chretien didn't complete his 3rd. Trudeau doesn't enter the equation, he only served one, so this 8 year rule doesn't apply.


in the states roughly every two terms they switch parties,  very similar trend in canada.  It doesn't seem to make a difference.


in a system that replaces presidents every 8 years and picks new leaders, they usually vote in the opposite party anyways,  the tend is very similar in Canada and one could argue with your logic that it's even more stable here.  So why change to worsen stability?

Ahh what? Harper served more and Trudeau does enter equation. Trudeau senior...

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On ‎2016‎-‎11‎-‎14 at 5:31 PM, Stelar said:

Unlimited terms but let's have set dates for elections. Every 4 years.  None of this "PM calls the election"

We do have fixed election dates.  The next federal election is scheduled for October 21, 2019.   But the PM can still call an election any time.





As, well, BC have fixed election dates too - 2nd Tuesday of May every 4 years.

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