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(proposal) : Trade Gudbranson

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I know what people will say, but look at it this way, unless we can transition Tryamkin to the left side, our current & future right side looks like this:






Subban (future)


that is 6 RHD, with 4 of them good enough to make the NHL.

Currently, in order of overall defensive worth, i'd rate them as:
1. Tanev 2. Gudbranson 3. Stecher/Tryamkin (tie. Stecher is slightly more ready now, Tryamkin has a higher ceiling). 4. Biega   5. Subban


Tanev is our puck-moving defensive, defensemen (i.e., good at handling the puck in his own zone & breakout passes)

Stetcher is our puck-moving all-round defence man, who gets his shots through to the net

Gudbransson is our stay-at home physical, crease-clearing defence man.

Tryamkin is our stay-at home physical, crease-clearing defence man, who is currently behind Gudbransson in the defensive awareness/positioning but ahead in crease-clearance, strength,skating and has a better shot.

We also have Subban coming up, who will be given chances in the next year or two, with Biega being the injury filler.

So unless we can successfully transition Tryamkin on the left side, Gudbransson is the odd-man out. With him, we will get better returns than Tryamkin, Tryamkin has a higher ceiling than Gudbranson, is cheaper and still preserves the balance in our right side pairings.


So with that in mind, i wonder if what people think of this kind of a deal:

To LA Kings :
Gudbranson + 2ndR/3rdR draft pick

To Vancouver Canucks:
Jake Muzzin.


Reasoning : its a bit of a like-for-like trade that helps both teams. Our right side is overstocked, our left side is bare. in LA, They have Muzzin, Martinez, McNabb, Forbort and Gravel who are LHDs. 

Thoughts ?


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6 minutes ago, GoBoGo53 said:

There is a 0% chance the Kings would do that deal. Muzzin is a legit top pair guy, Guddy isn't even a top 4. No chance they deal him


Their current top pairing is McNabb + Dowdy, their 2nd pairing is Muzzin + Martinez, the latter is left handed defence man playing right-D.

Switching him to his preferred side and putting him with Guddy would be a viable change.


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37 minutes ago, canuckistani said:

... we can transition Tryamkin to the left side ...

Problem solved.


He's a left handed D who can play both sides. He played on the right when first came over with Hutton, then again now with Sbisa because that was how to get him into the lineup, but on the left with Stecher when they were paired together. As we move on from Sbisa, he'll take his spot.


Juolevi will take another year at least, and Brisebois will be a few years for sure, and they'll step in as Edler is eventually moved.

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