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(Proposal) Canucks should hire Dave Lowry


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So I think you all know Canucks aren't doing GREAT so far :bigblush: But I think if the Canucks are going to make a coaching change, they should get former Canuck Dave Lowry. Lowry is currently head coach of the Victoria Royals in the WHL. Lowry was also drafted 110th overall in 1983 by the Vancouver Canucks. He played 1084 NHL career games and recorded 351 points. Go here for more info on him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Lowry but yeah sorry I do not post often on forums so I may sound a bit off. So if the Canucks are going to get a new coach, maybe they should look in to getting Dave Lowry! Victoria Royals recently got a second assistant coach which you don't see much in the WHL so I think they are getting prepared for Dave Lowry moving up to the NHL anyways.

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12 minutes ago, orcasgonewild said:

Nice idea, I think u should talk more on here but I think the only man capable of taking this team on is Marc Crawford! This team has a lot Of offensive tools and that's how he likes to play.

I think Dave Lowry used to be assistant coach of the Flames too so maybe he would be a good assistant coach for the Canucks? ::D

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