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NHL Survey Questionnaire


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Hey guys and gals, after personally hearing that many NHL viewers are becoming more and more disinterested in the NHL game, I came up with the idea of creating a short survey to better understand the numbers behind the decline in interest. 

This took me 10 minutes to create, so if I am missing any key questions forgive me. Won't take long as it is only 10 questions (9 being mandatory to fill to complete the survey). 

Survey is totally anonymous. Thanks for your help.  


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8 minutes ago, Kevin Biestra said:

Might be a little more honest to disclose in the OP that you're working for Sportsnet.  That was evident when "Sportsnet website" was the only option presented for following the NHL via websites of any form.

idk. This seems like a pretty clumsy way for a media company to gather market info. I mean, coming onto a Canucks site as "Mister Calgary" and wanting help, seems kind of dumb for a start.

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