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[GDT] Chicago Vs Vancouver - Sat, Nov 19 @ 7:00pm


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So maybe I am blind but I didn't see a GDT created the game that starts in 22 hours. Pretty weird considering it's a huge game :( Not sure how they are created but thought I'd make a temp GDT. If someone else is making one, then perhaps the mods can merge this one into the eventual GDT?


Anyways.... in the mean time....


Canucks WIN 2-1 in OT.... Burrows with the winner :lol::lol:





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3 minutes ago, Positive Canuck said:

 i know what wont happen for the next 6 years and 36$million dollars and that is a L. Ericsson - Gordie Howe Trick




Geordie would have been embarrassed playing out there with a teammate with Errikson's friggin Mopsy hair.  Maybe the guy needs to shave off that mop, and get a real man's do - like Jagr.  :o

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26 minutes ago, Toyotasfan said:

November 21 ,2015 after playing the Flames the previous night a tired Blackhawks team was beat 5-1 by  the Canucks. Will history repeat?

Didnt Hansen score a hattrick in that game? 

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11 minutes ago, Blueberries said:

Just for future reference the rule for GDTs is 12 hours prior to puck drop, unless otherwise specified. 

24 hours before works for big games like this don't you think?

It's the CBC at the HNIC!! cz BYOB with the PVR and the smart TV

sadly we may be SOL and if we lose our home record will go to 7-11

....now I want a slurpee

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