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[Poll] Which D Will Get Traded First?


Which D will get traded first  

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Let's say the Canucks wants to carry 8 D all season and wants to get Pedan up here at some point.

Looks like they do have a surplus and can move up to 2 Dman for wingers, prospects or draft picks.

Who do you think will go first?


and most importantly for what?

what do you think it's fair value for your choice?

(if you can, please support your response with similar trades in recent years)


2016.11.21 update:

The Case for Alexander Edler



  1. He has been a consistent top pairing puck moving D in his career
  2. Both Hutton and Juolevi are younger and duplicates much of Edler's skill set
  3. With $5,000,000 Cap hit, it's easier to take back young forwards on their 2nd contract
  4. Good D on the market are hard to find



  1. NTC must be waived
  2. Less veteran presence in the locker room
  3. If traded for a young player on their first contract, need to take on additional salary
  4. Had a few bad games this season, doesn't look himself, might not get full value


Potential Buyers:

  • ARZ - Bottom 3 in GAPG this season. 18 year old Chychrun not only made the team, but is their 2nd pairing LD.
  • COL - They need help on the left side of their D. Young and Up coming team where their young core should take the next step.
  • DAL - Their 1st pairing LD is Dan Hamhuis. They need help.
  • EDM - The idea here is that Darnell Nurse will eventually be the guy on the left side. Larsen and Russell in the off-season helped the right side. Still need some help.
  • PHI - Dead last in GAPG. Yep, needs help.


Potential Returns:

  • ARZ - They have enough young winger to fill 2 teams. Both Domi and DuClair might be targets, however since they are both on their 1st contracts. Which means Canucks might need to take back additional salary. However, there might not be a lot to take back, Coyotes has been taking on bad contracts to get young players in trades. They GMs might need to do some math for a deal to happen. On top of the the Coyotes is still sitting in the bottom of the league now, I don't know if it's their goal to start competing this very season. Motivation. If Dance partner is not motivated, hard to get something cheap.
  • COL - Here's a team with motivation. Their core has reached an age where they need to be good, but in reality they are still in the bottom of their division. That's why the Landeskog, Duchene rumors are flying like crazy. 2 teams that has motivation to make something happen. I personally don't think they'll give up those real core players for Edler. Jost is possible. Rantanen is also possible. I also like the idea of taking Colborne, and a pick back? or Would they be willing to trade Iginla's Capspace to us? Well, given that Landeskog and Duchene are both out, Aves probably wants to re-evaluate when those 2 are in the line up before they act. Like how Benning wanted Tyson Barry in the summer, and they just kept on going side way? Yeah, they are just as slow at making decisions as our own JB.
  • DAL - A cup contender trying to stay alive with injuries. Edler for Hamhuis, Hurdler and the rights to Nichushkin. Hamhuis would be furious.:angry:
  • EDM - They are not as desperate as summer and since they are winning a fair share of games,the Oilers can play the wait game for a better price. Nugent-Hopkins seems like the easiest trade to make. Eberle's name has been metioned. Rienheart+Benson+Neimelainen+Caggiula Package? Unless they are willing to do Pujajarvi, none of the above players fit JB's vision of a scoring LW with grit, but again, what's the hurry? Let's see how desperate JB gets.
  • PHI - Another team trying to figure out what is wrong with their team. Brayden Schenn is a piece, I don't know if the Flyers wants to move him. Couturier is another one. I prefer Couturier. They do have 10 picks piled in the 2017 draft. That doesn't sound like a team preparing for things to go side ways. Hum... Do they really have the motivation to make a move?


2016.11.21 update #2: 


The Case for Chris Tanev



  1. He is the best defensive D in the game right now
  2. Still considered young and just entering his prime
  3. Very tradable contract
  4. Right shot D is the most rare commodity in the market right now and and bring back the most value out of all our trade pieces
  5. In the 12 games he didn't play this year, Canucks combined 44 GA, that's a 3.67 GAPG, dead last in the NHL and was 3-8-1



  1. He is hurt and usually under valued in trade talks
  2. We are over loaded more at LD not RD
  3. Young guys would benefit and learn from playing with him
  4. At equal value, players coming back that are currently on their 2nd contracts probably means Canucks need to take on salary
  5. In the 7 games he played this year, Canucks combined 17 GA, that's 2.42 GAPG, 11th in the NHL and was 4-2-1 (The numbers would have been even better if you discount the MTL game he forced himself back playing hurt.)


Potential Buyers:

  • BOS - Chara is 39 and they are thin on RD. Rumors had the Bruins looked hard for a D in the off season
  • DAL - Their 2nd paring RD is a 24 year old with 30 games of NHL experience
  • EDM - see case for Edler
  • NYR - One of the best teams in the league right now has a hole on the right side in their top 4. Rumor of Fowler didn't materialize.
  • PHI - see case for Edler
  • TOR - Up coming young team that needs some veteran presence and help on the right side.
  • WPG - Tanev brothers unite and they need help on D. Not quite sure what that whole Trouba thing was about, but I don't think it's over. Won't be surprised if Trouba is gone by TDL and his RD spot is replaced with someone with a tamer agent.

Potential Returns:

  • BOS - They are a play-off team that's trying to win now. However, they are still in the top 5 in GAPG this season. Not sure how motivated they are to make a move Possible target is Pastrnak? I don't know if I see a lot of pieces that fits the Canuck's needs right now from their roster
  • DAL - Rights to Nichushkin probably not enough return for Tanev. Is Seguin out of question?
  • EDM - see case for Edler
  • NYR - Zibanejad? Kreider? Miller? Vesey? No, probably not Vesey.
  • PHI - Nothing short of Couturier.
  • TOR - Would they part Nylander and Corrado to get older? Do the Leafs see themselves as having enough core pieces to grow older all of a sudden? Quesionable. They are probably more interested in Gudbranson then Tanev.
  • WPG - Connor, Ehlers are both good pieces to target, but are any one of those two fair value for Tanev?


2016.11.22 update: 


The Case for Luca Sbisa



  1. He's playing well and could be at a sell high point
  2. Still relative young
  3. Canucks are at a surplus at LD
  4. Was a 1st round pick which means he has all the physical tools


  1. Not a top 4 D, lower return value.
  2. Difficult return a young top 6 forward
  3. Not every team wants a $3,600,000 bottom pairing D
  4. Teams that do homework would know he panics under pressure


Potential Buyers:

  • CGY - The Flames has been looking for depth on D for some time
  • COL - Here's Colorado again. see case for Edler
  • TOR - Could use an upgrade in their bottom pairing
  • WAS - Play-off team carrying only 7 D. My guess is probably looking for a depth guy.


Potential Returns:

  • CGY - Wiesbrod knows the Flames prospect pool better than I do. Maybe he can pull another 23 year old out of the Flames system? Anyone want Shinkaruk back in Vancouver?
  • COL - Obviously Sbisa won't return the same value as Edler. Colborne sounds fair? 19 goals last season helps.
  • TOR - They have 3 second round picks in the 2017, but as for 20 goal scorers? Komarov had 19 last year, but he's 29 though.
  • WAS - Not quite sure what to return. Young ones, Sanford maybe? Older guys, Eller?
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Tanev to get the best return. 


Edler and Stecher have developed a good chemistry. Tryamkin is getting better every game as he gets more comfortable and Hutton could be like Tanev one day with more offensive upside. 


that leaves the last spot for Joulevi next season. B)




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27 minutes ago, 'NucK™ said:

You should add a "which D do you want traded first" poll Q as well


personally I hope we trade Edler (don't see why he wouldn't waive his NMC to go to a playoff team?)


I hope they trade Elder first as well.

I wonder if EDM is willing to part with Pujajarvi?


If EDM offer Caggiula and Rienheart, would JB take it?

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10 minutes ago, orcasgonewild said:

U make trades to improve your team and trading tanev does the opposite. 

we are trying to improve our team for 3-5 years not for now....


Tanev is still young but we are overloaded on D (relatively speaking at least) so it has to depend on the value of the F coming back

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1 minute ago, Byrix said:


I'm sorry, but...

How much worse can they get?

As the team is rn they need 2 top line scorers and they'll contend. Why trade tanev theyre best defenseman that just opens another hole. Trade Edler for a good player and bring up boeser next year. 

Sedins hansen 

[Player] horvat boeser 

Eriksson sutter Rodin 

Baertschi gaunce Granlund 

Oj tanev 

Hutton gudbranson 

Tryamkin stecher 


That's as good as a team as u can hope for and that's not including this year's draft pick.

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6 minutes ago, Byrix said:


I hope they trade Elder first as well.

I wonder if EDM is willing to part with Pujajarvi?


If EDM offer Caggiula and Rienheart, would JB take it?

puljujarvi would just be a risky trade as we'd be including a good prospect / picks in that as well. doubt edm is looking to trade him

the later trade I kinda hope Edler is worth more than that :/ 

also they probably won't trade him within the division 

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