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Kesler Bomb? Remember?


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14 minutes ago, Strombone said:

Kesler was the heart of this team. He brought so much for this team and yet the fans booed him. The "Trevor Linden" of the 2003-2013 era. God bless his soul because we know he also gave that to this team.


inb4 snarky comments about his trade. 


I agree with you. 

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Perhaps Kes was right about this team, why else would he want a trade unless he could see the writing on the wall? 


What an absolute beast, that series vs Nashville was one of the greatest performances in league history. Think I am exaggerating? Check out the highlight where he split two D, one of them named Weber for a beauty breakaway goal. 


One of the greatest Nucks of all-time, too bad the rest of the core became stale. Most recently Kesler was the best player on a choker Ducks team, maybe he should have chose the Hawks. 

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