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[Waivers] Matt Puempel- Ottawa


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14 hours ago, numb3r 16 said:

Had a hattrick today...


Not that a single hattrick proves anything but...


On 20/11/2016 at 0:30 PM, J.R. said:

Puempel is the first waiver guy I'd actually be a bit upset/surprised if JB doesn't claim him. 


Has a lot of promise IMO.


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4 minutes ago, Gooseberries said:

Score in his first couple games after being claimed vs ottawa.  And scored 3 last night. 


Yet still only has 5 on the season that means in a 20 (ish) game stretch he had 1g 1a. 


Very dorsett like numbers. 


No loss on our part.

All true. I'm all about long term / big picture but I'd still be happy with a risk or two on a potential scoring forward. And I'd legit be ecstatic if he came in and had a hat trick lol ... I need to see some goals. That is of course unless the GMJB master plan is actually to lose this year yet keep selling "playoffs". Then I'm all for not picking up anyone who might actually help lol.   

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On 11/21/2016 at 9:58 AM, BabychStache said:



Jeepers, thats terrible. 


Equally terrible is how the Canucks passed on him. I don't fully understand why they would? We need more skilled youth in the system. They could get one for free and send Gaunce down to develop further. This team is a real head scratcher. 

Develop what exactly? Gaunce has proved his worth in the NHL. He's taken awhile to develop into the player he is but he's completely worth it now. He has no need to develop anything other than playing in the NHL and putting him to Utica will just stunt his development and will get him nowhere

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