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loui eriksson is available as free agent


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7 minutes ago, hockeybabble said:

Loui Eriksson is available as a free agent. Is it worth picking him up? Will he start producing now or do will he have strong second half? Therefore, it may be better to wait.


Unless he meant to post it in a fantasy hockey thread. Are you talking about Eriksson being available on the waiver wire in your pool? 


Aaaaand it is in a fantasy hockey thread. I am brilliant. Depends how deep your pool is mate. 

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24 minutes ago, ForsbergTheGreat said:

I just dropped him in my pool.   Soo that likely means he's going to start racking up the points

Dude that's the story of my life... as soon as I drop a player they get hot.

Either that or plugs like Arcobello, Hinostroza are on my team and don't do jack squat all year but randomly come alive vs the Canucks T_T 

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Thanks for the replies. There is no cap and 14 teams in the league. So currently there are a number of free agents available. But it is hard to find quality. 


A player I am consider dropping is Barkov or Drouin. I thought both would be doing better this season. They actually both had a good first week. Then Huberdeau went down and shortly after Drouin got runover. Barkov has been in a slump for awhile. With Huberdeau, the Panthers top line was impressive. 


All in all, Barkov and Drouin may have a good second half.


Eriksson is too good and too experienced to have such a garbage year. He has to start producing consistently at some point.

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