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[PGT] Canucks @ Coyotes

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15 minutes ago, thad said:

 Tryamkin is a monster. Every time you see these guys drafted or on pre draft lists, you always say "wouldn't it be sweet if this guy actually worked out and we get the next chara size defenseman". Then you roll your eyes and tell yourself to keep dreaming... Well I'd say the hockey gods have thrown us a pretty big bone to our future blueline. 

I think this is Bennings best move so far in his tenure. 3rd round pick with potential top 10 pick value. 

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13 minutes ago, oldnews said:

The Sedins got too much ice time.  They had 18, 19 minutes, Horvat only had 17.

Tryamkin should have had another shift in the 3rd.

Why isn't Eriksson with the Sedins?

Willie is dumb.



I don't mind Sutter with the twins as long as Horvat can keep this up. Erikssons best game as a Canuck I'd say. Keep him where he is for the time being. 

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Honorable mention to Tryamkin tonight for sure, its really exciting to see him grow game to game. I'm legit excited for this guy because he

has legit skill. I love when he and Sbisa pair up because the difference is like night and day in front of you in all areas of their play. The only

edge I would give Sbisa over Tryamkin is that he has a bit more of a nack for playmaking, but that's it. Tryamkin is rising fast, I think once

the coaching staff have more faith in is stamina he will shift up the depth chart.

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The thing I liked about Sbisa was that he was actually joining the rush and was able to launch a few shots on net when he was given a chance to do something with the puck even though it was against a team like the Yotes. Honestly I don't care if we finish 1st or 2nd last, if we get Liljegren he could be that piece the Canucks have been waiting for. He would instantly be our Karlsson, Doughty, OEL, etc

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