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On pace for 6 20 goal scorer's ???


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At the quarter mark we will have 6 forwards on pace for 20 or more goals ( I'm assuming on of Eriksson or Hansen make it) , on a transitioning non contender that's better than I expected ! With a young D with Potential goaltending stable and no longer completely bare cupboards maybe rebuilding on the fly will work ? We have lots of issues and are not bringing home the cup but I'll be watching !

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I hope that it's not a mirage 

If the team could get 10 goals out of one of our touted Defense men

we would be sitting pretty in a wild card spot, I believe an there is hope , but a 30 th place team is not such an enviable position to boast yet. 

I hoe we have one 30 goal scorer though

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7 minutes ago, shattenkirk8 said:

Well right now we are on pace for 4... 

Also, isn't it sad that we may get six 20 goal scorers and we're still considered one of the lowest scoring teams in the league. Shows the lack in secondary scoring. 

I don't think it's the lack of secondary scoring, but more so, not enough scoring from the back end. Canucks also don't have a player or players that can consistently score 30+ goals each year. But that could change soon. Enter Boeser...

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